Top 10 Songs with the Best John Frusciante Solos

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1 Wet Sand

This is what the song builds up to! One of the best outros to a song I've heard!

Its beautiful he puts so much emotion into it, and makes it a musical masterpiece. Actually he makes the solo amazing =')

I came here to see if there were any solos better than this one. I'm not surprised. The solo / synth mix is absolutely amazing. It's unfortunate there is nothing better as I forced myself to listen to Tool because I couldn't face disappointment.

Best solo by John in my opinion, his background vocals on the last verse followed by screaming "yea" and then this solo, unreal.

2 Dani California

This solo is out of this world. Makes you think "Who in hell could've created that solo" Then you think about it and you realize its frusciante and you're lik "Oh... Course" John is not from this world.

this solo is great and memorable!

Greatest solo to me! Especially the live version @ Alcatraz, Milano! The way his solo ends up in a 'fleasciante' jam on all along the watchtower! Everyone should watch it!


3 I Could Have Lied

For me it's pretty close between wet sand and I could have lied - and of course there is Wayne now.
But when I watch my body's reaction, my breath, the bitter sweet feelings seeping through my skin right into my heart when listening to I could have lied, I know this has to be my number One.

Amazing, beautiful, erotic, sad, sexy, memorable, masterpiece, awesome, gorgeous, magnificent, illegal... Fruscianted

Just plain Awesome. I'm pretty sure that a solo like that is illegal in some countries

The way John's guitar screams in this song simply sends shivers down your spine!

4 Scar Tissue

my favorite rhcp song it rocks really really well. I love this song. Fall in love with it every time I hear it.

This solo is so orgasmic I could literally die to it. Pure Perfection.

Gves me goosebumps every single time

One of the best rhcp solos, which becomes even better through the videoclip

5 Look On

Honorable mentions from me have to be the end of Sir Psycho Sexy, Turn it Again, Wet Sand, and Don't Forget Me, but I feel the best is from his solo career. Each has their own positives but this one has it shown the most for me. It moves along and fits perfectly with the rest of the song, the layering is great, and not to mention his echoes of just saying "Look On" over and over again in a subtle tone amplify to it, as you have nothing else to focus on, but pure bliss, it can deeply touch a soul for what this man can do with a guitar, and if you had to introduce anyone at random to Frusciante, from Ataxia to the Chili Peppers to guest appearances on albums, I feel like this is the ultimate one that describes John, just amazing, no other words needed to express it, because you only have to listen to it to understand. I've just tried to convey it into words but I feel that is quite honestly impossible to define what comes from another's heart.

This is Johns best song, such a gem! I am so glad it is in the top 5. I thought I was the only one who recognized its awesomeness!

This solo has to be one of his/the greatest solo. Just as you think it's going to the end it just keeps on moving you.
Seriously just close your eyes and listen to this entire song it's absolutely incredible.

It is one of the most incredible solos I have heard. Its super emotional and clearly his greatest work

6 Turn It Again

The length and intensity of the solo coming it at the right time makes it Frusciantes most badass solo

He filled up an entire 24 track at the end with the different guitar solos fading in and out. Definitely the "solo" masterpiece, if you ask me.

This solo almost reminds me of how John is live. And that is a treat...

Best solo he's done not too fast which is good but it's a hard solo

7 Californication

Have you seen the slane castle intro for this? Perfection.

This solo is not a solo its a story

8 The Past Recedes
9 Don't Forget Me

It was the first piece of music that made me cry... There's no way that this solo is not in the top 10... It's like it's saying "don't worry I won't forget you, I'm here with you"

The most perfect performance ever.
The solo makes me feel every emotion at once.

10 Especially in Michigan

This is not Frusciante! Sure it's a RHCP song but the solo is played by Omar Rodriguez Lopez from the Mars Volta

This one is so incredibly good I'm surprised it's not in the top 10 (yet). I accept that he has some AMAZING guitar solos but for me it's about feeling. The felling I get when I hear this one is different from the one I get when I listen to Wet Sand, not better or worse, simply stronger and I always find myself coming to this song, searching for that feeling.

The Contenders

11 Wayne

Such an emotional song. I love this. Frusciante is a genius.

How has nobody put this up yet

Listen to maggot brain

12 Murderers
13 Hey

So much emotion, his guitar is SPEAKING during this song (even more so than usual, lmao)

How is this not in the top 5? This solo is amazing, and how JF makes his solo sing even off time is just beautiful


Best ever

14 She's Only 18

The guitar part is really cool throughout the whole song. Also I saw this on the list and stopped listening to Ataxia so I could hear this song, I wouldn’t do that for just anything

Absolute Amazing solo. A little subtle because of the chosen sound filter and accompanying rhythm guitar, but amazing. It's literally explosive at the end there.

This Guitar solo always makes me stand a little straighter when it happens. It just is amazing and leads into the last chorus perfectly. Goosebumps

Most underrated solo of all time

15 Charlie

Great solo! Its buildin and buildin over and over again. And then a big fat wahclimax!

16 Readymade

Is the greatest simply because it consist of a nice melodic riff.. And is very clean it makes you want to nod your head

"Oh, clean it up Johnny", nothing more to say...

Clean, quick, and soulful work. Cleaned up by Johnny indeed!

17 Unreachable

One of the most beautiful and unique solos ever made, in my opinion John's finest work.

He puts his heart & soul into this song, the slow build up is beautiful.

18 Suck My Kiss

Have you heard the ending of this solo?

19 Soul To Squeeze
20 Under The Bridge

Have people listened to the intro? HAVE PEOPLE LISTENED TO THE is solo not in the top 5 I came here expecting it to be 1st or 2nd easily

Dude, what has the intro to do with this list. This is about the solo, not the intro, the bridge or the entire song. Just the solo.

21 Otherside
22 Minor Thing

this might be my favorite solo from By the Way, speaking of the studio version of course

This one is so incredibly good I feel like fighting the people who didn't vote for it. It feels like I'm flying when I listen to this, the amout of feeling almost doesn't fit in my earphones. You get an adrenaline rush when you listen to his guitar (not only the first time), I think that's not only amazing but rare.

23 Strip My Mind

VERY orgasmic.

24 Universally Speaking
25 Stadium Arcadium

So deep and beautiful, reminds me of Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd.) Simply a masterpiece

26 Sir Psycho Sexy
27 If You Have to Ask

So dirty and funky. One of the best.

One of the biggest, dirtiest improvised solos out there.
There’s a reason for the applause heard at the end of the track.

28 Central
29 Mellowship Slinky in B Major

the fretless guitar!

30 Scar Tissue (Live in Chorzow, Poland)[2007]
31 Sexy Mexican Maid

I like the heavy wah, the high gain and how the saxophone takes a solo after it. It just works so well and right now this is my favorite solo ever

He really rips into his bends hard on this one. Cool solo

32 The Zephyr Song
33 Snow (Hey Oh)
34 Throw away your television at Fuji Rock 2006

In my opinion the most beautiful solo ever

35 L'Via L'Viaquez

Has a few breathtaking solos on this masterpiece of The Mars Volta. Easily my favorite part of the song

36 Dosed

Just listen to the last minute of the song and it'll all make sense...

One of my favorite RHCP songs

37 Parallel Universe

Starts at 3:19 in the song. I get chills every time

38 This Velvet Glove
39 Falling

The reversed guitar especially

40 Funny Face
41 The Sides

Ataxia is the collaboration that I never knew I needed but I sure as hell did

Actually has 2 very different solos deserving of being in the top 20, so pick yours

Damn I love Ataxia

42 Intro to Slane Castle

The intro to Slane Castle is one of the best sounding guitar intros/solos

43 By the Way
44 Punk Rock Classic
45 Funky Monks
46 Lyon 6.6.06 (Live)

From the Tell Me Baby single... this live jam solo is his most emotionally charged solo that I think I've heard. It always gives me goosebumps and a visceral feeling listening to it. It's slowly builds and swells, then just explodes, releasing pent up waves energy washing over you.

47 Permutation

The interplay here between John and Flea is what makes it special

48 Anne
49 Before the Beginning
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