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41 One, Two Step - Ciara
42 Amerika - Rammstein

Oh, Come on. Everyone says Rammstein is underrated cause their songs are German. Well, here is english song for you. Happy now? We're all livings on Amerika! Ist wunderbra! - Disturbedpotato

43 Echo - Trapt
44 Sooner or Later - Breaking Benjamin
45 Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) - Chevelle
46 Mockingbird - Eminem
47 Leave (Get Out) - Jojo

I love this song it is amazing! What ever happened to JOJO I miss her so much! I grew up listening to her and even today she is still my favorite singer! Love you JOJO!

Jojos record company didn't let her release an album for 7 years. But she's finally going to make a new album now that she won in a lawsuit against them :D

48 Pieces of Me - Ashlee Simpson
49 Rewrite - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
50 The Seven Deadly Sins - Flogging Molly
51 Missing - Evanescence
52 Alt.End - The Cure
53 The End of the World - The Cure
54 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

Is 30th on best song list and 40th on best songs of 2004? - mr_crossover27

63rd? At least it's above Slipknot. But this song is amazing and should be in the top 10. - RestlessHeartGrenade

55 Cold - Crossfade
56 Wake Up - Arcade Fire
57 Before I Forget - Slipknot

Come on people this song should at least be in the top 20. This song won a grammy for best Metal performance. How is this song at 68

Best metal performance grammy award 2004. Nothing else to say. - Disturbedpotato

58 Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani
59 Open Road - Bryan Adams
60 Summer Sunshine - The Corrs
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1. Rewrite - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
3. Mockingbird - Eminem

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