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201 Nothing - The Script

The script songs should be on the top! Right?

202 Hippie Sam - Red N Black
203 Look at Me Now - Chris Brown

In this Busta rhymes nails a hardcore fast rap and lil wayne hits the spot with a good rap and the lyrics are awesome and some funny this song should be in the top twenty

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204 Remember Everything - Five Finger Death Punch

Very saddening song, the lyrics are heartbreaking, enraging, but reflect. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the song, seriously, I'm crying from posting this song on the list. VOTE IT UP!

205 As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber

NaH. This is terrible. Why does Boyfriend and Baby get the hate and not this one? This is the terrible one here. 0/5 - AlphaQ

Its really AMAZING BEST song with 2 big artists.. & Best Video clip it has.
Its good to say Justin Bieber won best male singer and best artist of 2012 in American MUSIC AWARDS 2012 & MTV EMA 2011&12.

206 Feed the Machine - Red
207 I Owe One - Qbanguy

It was a very funny song i=with hilarious lyrics. The best song ever heard!

208 For the First Time - The Script

This song is so depressing in a way that makes me not like it. - madoog

209 Cat Daddy - The Rej3ctz

This song sounds stupid. It sounds like a man burp talking. "Call me Spongebob." No. - madoog

210 I'm Into You - Jennifer Lopez
211 Forever - The Birthday Massacre
212 Beautiful World - Westlife
213 More - Usher
214 Small Bump - Ed Sheeran
215 Hangover - Taio Cruz
216 The Motto - Drake

I do not find this song attractive. - madoog

217 Pantomime - Imagine Dragons
218 Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan
219 Jack Sparrow - The Lonely Island

I do not want to hear about a pirate. - madoog

220 Build Me Up, Break Me Down - Dream Theater
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