Best Songs From Alter Bridge's ABIII

A list designed to let people decide on the top song from Alter Bridges' AB III Album.

The Top Ten

1 Isolation
2 Ghost of Days Gone By

A great song that anyone can relate to.

3 Coeur d'Alene

The best song on the album with amazing vocals

4 I Know It Hurts

One of the best songs of AB I! Certainly deserves a hearing! Music as usual is awesome!

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5 Slip to the Void

Simply mind blowing piece of music, I've never heard anything like it and unlikely to ever again. A genuine work of art!

6 Words Darker Than Their Wings

Anyone who loves rock, must listen to this. The ending of this song will leave you speechless. Myles just nails it!

It was between this and slip to the void, but I love this song too much. Masterpiece!

7 Still Remains
8 Breath Again

Possibly their most underrated song. The music is top notch the vocals are some of Myles' best. Definitely top ten material.

9 Wonderful Life

I'm surprised to see this song low down on the list. This is like the Watch Over You of AB III, only more of a power ballad.

10 Zero

The Contenders

11 Fallout
12 Life Must Go On
13 Make It Right

By far my most favorite'd song on ABIII. The chorus section is just awesome.

14 Home
15 All Hope is Gone

Second best song to Isolation. This was certainly one of the better albums of 2010 - Paragon_Pariah37

16 Show Me a Sign

This is last? What the hell, this is one of their best in general, not just from this album. This and Slip To The Void are the best from this album

This song is insane, the vocals the instrumental arrangements
This song is epic and my favorite song ever
Highest legal high

Show me a sign should be in the top three. DARKEST alter bridge song ever. Myles shows how wide his vocal range is. Though he doesn't hit the high notes (which the ABnation knows he can) he goes incredibly low! Very dark guitar solos. A darker song than, say, slip to the void or couer d'aline.

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