Best Songs Between AC/DC and Guns N Roses


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21 Touch Too Much
22 It's a Long Way to the Top

Great song Amazing All around vote this one up higher - mneilan

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23 Let There Be Rock
24 Mr. Brownstone

Great song really good should be higher up the list

25 Moneytalks
26 Shot of Love

Wow... AC/DC fans that know Guns N' Roses must have really liked The Razor's Edge album.

This is for the AC/DC-Guns N' Roses reunion.

Five of the songs from the album played live during the Guns N' Roses madness. wow. "Thunderstruck", "Fire Your Guns", "Moneytalks", "Are You Ready" and "Shot Of Love"


27 My Michelle

What the hell is my Michelle doing as worst Guns N' Roses song it rocks it's a hit - Leofeldman

28 Nightrain
29 Patience
30 Chinese Democracy
31 High Voltage
32 Rock 'N' Roll Train
33 Rocket Queen

I love Jay Chou, his voice can always sing into the heart touches the hearts of the most soft place

34 Are You Ready

Wow, four songs from this album reach the top 40 of the list. "Thunderstruck", "Moneytalks", "Shot Of Love" and "Are You Ready". That's really impressive.

35 Let's Get It Up
36 Fire Your Guns

This is a wild song much like the stuff we find on both AC/DC and Guns N Roses albums.

This one should be higher than 47

This one should be in the top 40


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37 Coma
38 Jailbreak

I think we may have another one from the Dirty Deeds album.

Can we send this on into the top 40

39 Who Made Who

Do we have any songs that haven't been voted in yet?

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40 Heatseeker

This song can be sent up, because they played this when Guns N' Roses and Metallica were supporting them on tour

60?! should be in top 40


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