Best Songs Between AC/DC and Guns N Roses


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61 Sympathy for the Devil V 1 Comment
62 Think About You

Appetite has good apples, one of the riffs on this, sounds like it could have been an extra song from Razors Edge album.

63 Mama Kin V 1 Comment
64 The Razors Edge

The ominous title track from an amazingly awesome album.

Send it up to the top 40

65 Shot Down In Flames

This song looks like it needs a vote.

66 Have a Drink On Me

This song would work really well for this list.

67 Garden of Eden

Okay, this one sounds cool for here.

68 Hard As a Rock V 1 Comment
69 Yesterdays

This is similar to Are You Ready.

70 Double Talkin' Jive
71 War Machine V 1 Comment
72 Big Gun V 1 Comment
73 Riff Raff

Let's see how much higher this one gets

V 1 Comment
74 Rocker V 1 Comment
75 Locomotive
76 So Fine
77 Flick of the Switch

This album has been overlooked for too long, now we add a song from 1983's Flick Of The Switch.

Can we send this up to 40

78 Anything Goes

There are two songs with the same title, so you place the band name in parenthesis.

This one should be a bit higher than 75

79 Dog Eat Dog

Another one from 1977's Let There Be Rock.

80 Ballbreaker V 1 Comment
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