Best Songs From Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits

The Top Ten Best Songs From Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits

1 Livin' on a Prayer
2 You Give Love a Bad Name

Best song

Always is good but not #2 - Ajkloth

3 Always

Yea.. he z the best 1

4 It's My Life

"It's My Life! The very soul of Bon Jovi! It's positive shows the determination of Jon to "do it his way" in music and life! Clearly the very best music collaboration and the 4 finests' artists of their generation.

5 Blaze of Glory

This is my absolute favorite by Bon Jovi!

6 Wanted Dead or Alive
7 Have a Nice Day
8 I'll Be There for You
9 Bad Medicine

In my opinion their 3rd best song (after Livin' On A Prayer and You Give Love A Bad Name)

10 Runaway

The Contenders

11 Born to Be My Baby
12 We Weren't Born to Follow

Great song to pump you up, could argue that about most on this list but this song just gets my fists in the air, simply amazing!

13 What Do You Got?

I love this song for what it means. It reminds me of something sad. But it's still great!

14 No Apologies
15 Lay Your Hands on Me
16 Who Says You Can't Go Home
17 In These Arms
18 Lost Highway
19 Keep the Faith
20 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Very catchy.

21 This is Our House

Okay, I know what you're thinking: This and Diamond Ring aren't on the Greatest Hits Ultimate Collection. Generally speaking, that's true, but according to Wikipedia, This Is Our House is on the Amazon Music version (it might've been Apple music) and Diamond Ring is on the Target version. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead and In And Out Of Love are on the Greatest Hits Ultimate Collection Deluxe Edition, too. Just figured I'd explain that. - BonJovi17

22 This is Love, This is Life
23 The More Things Change
24 Diamond Ring
25 In and Out of Love
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