Best Songs From Disturbed's Album Believe

Best Songs Of Album Prayer From the Famous And Lovely Band Disturbed. This Album Is Great Like Other Albums From Disturbed!

The Top Ten

1 Prayer Prayer

One of the best choruses of any song ever, brilliant lyrics, epic melody, great rhythm vocals bass drums and guitar, Prayer has it all. Epic song. - EvilAngel

A classic a good song to play on rock band 4 - mneilan

If Disturbed made another song like Darkness, I'd kill myself.

It's not even metal. - thunder850

2 Liberate Liberate

Oh my god... How underrated is this song anyway? Seriously, prayer is a good song... Darkness is a nice touch to the album. But this song made believe number 1 for the band for the very first time. It's true metal art.

Do I really have to vote for this song again? I will get on this website and vote for liberate every day if that's what it takes to make prayer second place for once!

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3 Remember Remember

Darkness isn't even a good song. You guys don't understand music.. How is intoxication not in the top 3 at least?
1- liberate 2-intoxication 3-prayer 4- remember. Just because darkness is different doesn't make it good. The song blows. A lot.

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4 Believe Believe

Best song and best meaning
Good tempo and awesome riffs
Not much more you can ask for there

5 Awaken Awaken

Best song and best melody

6 Bound Bound

Best song ever I heard from the band so far

7 Darkness Darkness

Definitely a very different kind of song for disturbed. I really wish they would make a few more like it on their next album

Amazing Song, Good Lyrics, A very Different and Unique Song by Disturbed

I really wish they had more songs like this one.

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8 Rise Rise
9 Breathe Breathe
10 Devour Devour

Really great song and great meaning. Nice change of pace from the standard Disturbed song

The Contenders

11 Mistress Mistress
12 Intoxication Intoxication

Intoxication might be repetative so is liberate and intoxication corus beats bound and breath

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1. Liberate
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3. Prayer

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