Best Songs From Disturbed's Album Believe

Best Songs Of Album Prayer From the Famous And Lovely Band Disturbed. This Album Is Great Like Other Albums From Disturbed!

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1 Prayer

One of the best choruses of any song ever, brilliant lyrics, epic melody, great rhythm vocals bass drums and guitar, Prayer has it all. Epic song. - EvilAngel

One of the greatest songs by disturbed and it's the best song of this album

A classic a good song to play on rock band 4 - mneilan

OVErrated SONG, SHOULD BE NUMBER 3 - Lyrical

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2 Liberate

Oh my god... How underrated is this song anyway? Seriously, prayer is a good song... Darkness is a nice touch to the album. But this song made believe number 1 for the band for the very first time. It's true metal art.

Do I really have to vote for this song again? I will get on this website and vote for liberate every day if that's what it takes to make prayer second place for once!

Liberate your mind
You motherf*****

Its catchy even though prayer is my favorite this one kicks ass

3 Remember

Darkness isn't even a good song. You guys don't understand music.. How is intoxication not in the top 3 at least?
1- liberate 2-intoxication 3-prayer 4- remember. Just because darkness is different doesn't make it good. The song blows. A lot.

Love it to pieces. My favrite song by Disturbed

4 Awaken

Best song and best melody

5 Believe

Best song and best meaning
Good tempo and awesome riffs
Not much more you can ask for there

6 Darkness

Just because it's different from what the band usually makes does not mean it's a bad song. On the top 10 worst Disturbed songs, this song made the #2 spot mainly because it's acoustic instead of their usual heavy stuff - CptnWolfe

Definitely a very different kind of song for disturbed. I really wish they would make a few more like it on their next album

Amazing Song, Good Lyrics, A very Different and Unique Song by Disturbed

I really wish they had more songs like this one.

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7 Bound

Best song ever I heard from the band so far

8 Rise

Thisis my favorite disturbed song of all time. I can't describe the first time I heard it about 3 years ago (2013) and I still to this day love every second of it. I like how the lyrics aren't really specific and make you really think about what it's talking about. Amazing song from an amazing album! - Lyrical

9 Intoxication

This song needs to be higher like 3 4 or 5 it's so underrated

Intoxication might be repetative so is liberate and intoxication corus beats bound and breath

10 Mistress

I love how emotional and empty this song gets. I think it should be a little higher this song (and album on itself) has helped me through times that I've been depressed and all that fun stuff. Best album ever - Lyrical

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11 Breathe
12 Devour

Really great song and great meaning. Nice change of pace from the standard Disturbed song

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