Best Songs From Disturbed's The Sickness

Best Songs From The Sickness Album From The Great Band 10 Years Of Great Songs And This Their First Album.

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1 Down with the Sickness

Overrated song! But still amazing to listen to - theTwister

Stupify is the ONLY Disturbed song I don't like. The intro is just disgusting.

DWTS is the best song on The Sickness. Period, no question about it. - thunder850

I like Richard Cheese's cover the best

Come on, get up, and get down with the sickness...


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2 Stupify

Nu Metal masterpiece

3 Voices

Ha ha I just voted again. But seriously this song deserves its due. I love this song is my favorite from disturbed. I wish they'd make another song like this it would make all the fans very happy people. Voices for life!

First song on the first album... Brings back a lot of memories of the sickness. It was the third single and has since then been my favorite. Please vote for this... Or else your a homosexual.

This song is perfect. Most songs I get tired of hearing after a while, but not this one. The only songs as good as this are sons of plunder, criminal, and possibly a few mudvayne songs such as 'not falling' and 'death blooms. '

Of course Down with the Sickness is number one, but this song deserves a second place finish. It is truly spectacular. - Potato1029

4 The Game
5 Fear

People! Dwts is not the best disturbed song ever! It is really good but give some other songs a chance. Like this one or voices, droppin plates or anything! So please make something else number 1.

6 Shout 2000
7 Meaning of Life
8 Violence Fetish

This is one of my favorite disturbed songs

9 Numb

Underrated this is the best track on the album.

10 Conflict

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11 Droppin' Plates
12 Want
13 God of the Mind
14 A Welcome Burden
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1. Down with the Sickness
2. Voices
3. Stupify
1. Down with the Sickness
2. Stupify
3. Voices
1. Stupify
2. Numb
3. Shout 2000

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