Best Songs From Evanescence's Fallen


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1 My Immortal

God God God she must be an angel because she fell from heaven

2 Bring Me to Life

#1 in my book!

It's 1 of my favourite rock song I've ever heard... I never forget this awesome song till my death... Just awessome

I love it·it makes me thing about love and It is my favorite song·I love it so much· I hear it all the Time·It is a sad song·:)!


3 Going Under


This should be the first in this list, it s much better than bring me to life

4 Everybody's Fool
5 Hello

What?! Hello the worst song of this album? No! One of the best, near the singles.

Every time I listen to this song I cry. Very beautiful song.

Yeah, this should be Number 1. Best song on the album, and yes, it's even better than "My Immortal". - DCfnaf

One of the Best Songs EVER! - mood333

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6 Imaginary

I loved hearing them play this song back in 2012 when they were still on tour. Wasn't expecting to hear this one, so it was a pleasant surprise. Love the lyrics to this one!

7 My Last Breath

Honestly I feel My Last Breath should be higher. Yes ALL her songs are absolutely amazing, but this song describes loss and has so much raw emotions.

8 Whisper
9 Haunted

Hunting you, I can smell you - alive. Your heart pounding in my hea-ad. "I'm singing it" - mood333

VERY chilling.

10 Tourniquet

Emotional and original, a standout

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11 Taking Over Me

This song is pretty sad it's lyrics emotional

12 Farther Away
13 Missing
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