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41 I Burn in You

Why is this 93? This is one of their best songs to date

Best song from them

I am upvoting this one, because it is a great song. - ricky1121

good song

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42 Fragile

Super cool rithm

43 Humane
44 To Live Is to Die
45 Distant Sun

Hasn't anyone heard this one? The way it kicks off with a mysterious feel to it, you are gripped within seconds and the way Scabbia unleashes her powerful and haunting vocals, it is guaranteed to blow you away!

46 1.19

Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful. Haunting...

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47 Purify
48 Circle

Their best song! That opening riff is amazing!

49 In the End I Feel Alive

Really am I alone?

50 Without Fear

This song is so butiful I found English lyrics still butiful hell me get the list to number 1

51 Downfall

If this song gets any air time at all, it will take off

Mellow with a touch of grind!

Great song!

52 You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You
53 My Demons
54 Broken Things
55 Take Me Home
56 Upsidedown

First song I heard!, Love this song the most, Great vocals hardcore!

57 My Wings
58 Devoted
59 The Pain
60 Self Deception
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