Best Songs Off Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


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1 Runaway

Just a pure piece of art


This is one of Kanye's deepest songs. This should definitely be number 1

No doubt or question this is Kanye's best songs on the album, maybe one of his greatest songs. The fact that he can make an outro 3:00 long, the length of one of his top songs "Jesus Walks", while still feeling like the end of the songs says something about how Kanye is a master at creating masterpeices

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2 Power

Great beat and great lyricism with great flow! What more could you want?

In my opinion, the best song on here. Better than Runaway, which was a bit overlong and repetitive. Nice conscious lyrics and very grandiose beat.

I LIVE IN A 21ST CENTURY... Laugh out loud

3 Monster

Kanye's best verse ever

I absolutly hate Nicki Minaj but I have to admit she carried the song good job.

Nicki Minaj makes the song

Ok. So first things first I eat your brains cause that's what a motherfvcking monster do.


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4 Lost In the World

His most underrated song

5 All of the Lights

Second best Kanye song ever! How is monster ahead of this?

Best Kanye West song of the 2010s, it was great collaboration with Rihanna and Kid Cudi. - chocodilesforlife

One of the greatest beats ever and some emotion on display from Mr. West in the verses. - john-cenation

6 Dark Fantasy

One of the best openers ever

Perhaps one of the greatest album openers of all time. Mesmerizing vocals, and it sets up the album so well. It's beautiful.


Can we get much higher? so hiigh, HOOO HOOO HO, HOOO HOOO HOOO. Stuck in my head for WEEKS!

7 So Appalled

Cyhi is amazing... So underrated, Pusha is good tier as well. Jay has an amazing verse as well that isn't far behind those two, and Kanye takes the bottom spot even though his verse is still great

8 Blame Game

So melodically powerful and extremely sad at the same time.

9 Gorgeous


The amazing sample coupled with Cudi's hauntingly beautiful hook and deep lyrics cement this in my mind as one of the greatest

Underrated. Clearly underrated. Old style song that deserve to be higher on that list.

One of the most lyrical sonfs

10 Hell of a Life

The best song

Best song ever

The Contenders

11 Devil In a New Dress

Severely underrated, but every song on this album is brilliant

Best soul-sampled Kanye beat he's ever made. Also one of the best songs on this album, after runaway, monster, dark fantasy, and power.

This song is amazing in every way. Rick Ross's verse is the best of his career.

Clever and some funny lyrics.

12 See Me Now
13 Who Will Survive in America
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