Best Songs From Paramore's All We Know Is Falling

The Top Ten

1 Emergency

The best song ever!

2 Brighter
3 Pressure
4 Never Let This Go

It's just so pretty! This song, My Heart and Franklin are the best!

5 My Heart

First half: typical Paramore at that time.

Second half: screamo mixed with Hayley's singing (superbly done by the way)

The most emotional song with Franklin. It's an amazing song, what can I say?

6 All We Know

My favorite song! Not just beacause this is the head song of the album of course.

7 Conspiracy

This should at least be in the top 3. Conspiracy is paramore's best song. BRING BACK CONSPIRACY!

The F#5 note Hayley hit near the end of the song. PERIOD

8 Here We Go Again
9 Whoa
10 Franklin

This song is so beautiful, and sung with such dreadful passion, its almost overwhelming. The context is deeper than just returning back to a changed home and the people in it.

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