Best Songs From Paramore's All We Know Is Falling

The Top Ten


The best song ever!

Never Let This Go

It's just so pretty! This song, My Heart and Franklin are the best!

My Heart

First half: typical Paramore at that time.

Second half: screamo mixed with Hayley's singing (superbly done by the way)

The most emotional song with Franklin. It's an amazing song, what can I say?

All We Know

My favorite song! Not just beacause this is the head song of the album of course.


This should at least be in the top 3. Conspiracy is paramore's best song. BRING BACK CONSPIRACY!

The F#5 note Hayley hit near the end of the song. PERIOD

Here We Go Again

This song is so beautiful, and sung with such dreadful passion, its almost overwhelming. The context is deeper than just returning back to a changed home and the people in it.

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