Best Songs From Pinkerton by Weezer


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1 El Scorcho

Such a fun song to sing along to!

1- El Scorcho
2- The Good Life
3- Pink Triangle
4- Across The Sea
5- Tired Of Sex
6- Failing For You
7- No Other One
8- Butterfly
9- Getchoo
10- Why Bother

2 The Good Life

Quality music

3 Pink Triangle

It's a great song. The chorus is genius and the melody is catchy as heck. Plus, it's a song that most dudes can relate to (I realize that's every song on this album, but this one does it better than all the others).

4 Tired of Sex

Best Weezer song

5 Across the Sea

Such a beautiful song! Packed with emotion, because a piece of paper can only provide so much satisfaction. This song makes you feel so alone and empty, Rivers voice just breaks your heart.

It's the most well-rounded song along with the good life, but it just has some better mechanics. The bridge is great how it changes key by going from the current scale to its minor version of the scale (ex C major -> C minor (Eb major)). The progression of the song is great how it goes from a simple riff to an explosive chorus to a soft bridge to an even more explosive climax. I feel it has the most emotion.

6 Why Bother

I love the refrain. It has such a great beat. I can't help, but jump on one foot like guitarist do on the refrain. - Jammer196

The most relatable and hard-rocking song on the album

Relatable, catchy, great baseline, good vocals.

7 No Other One

For me, it's a definite tie between this and "Pink Triangle". I often prefer this one, because I'm usually more often in the mood for it, and has Weezer's most infectious chorus ever. Definitely one of their most underrated and awesome songs.

8 Falling for You

Why is this so low on the list

9 Getchoo

Ending is epic, and then changes from 4/4 into 7/8. Love it

10 Butterfly

It may or be loud or catchy, but this is Rivers Cuomo songwriting at its finest

This is not supposed to be at number ten one of the best songs ever made.


This is an amazing song! So underrated.

10 - No Other One
9 - Falling for You
8 - Why Bother
7 - Tired of Sex
6 - Getchoo
5 - El Scorcho
4 - Across the Sea
3 - Pink Triangle
2 - Butterfly
1 - The Good Life

The Contenders

11 Devotion

This song is so good needs to be in top ten

12 Long Time Sunshine
13 Getting Up and Leaving
14 Tragic Girl
15 You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
16 I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
17 Waiting on You
18 I Swear It's True
19 You Won't Get with Me Tonight
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1. The Good Life
2. Falling for You
3. Tired of Sex
1. Across the Sea
2. Falling for You
3. El Scorcho
1. El Scorcho
2. Across the Sea
3. The Good Life

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