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1 Not Gonna Die

Epic. The violins, Jen's vocals, and pretty much everything combines to be an exceptional song that rivals Awake and Alive.

I've loved skillet since I first heard them they are the best band ever and one of my favorites on Rise is not gonna die

This is one of my favorite Skillet songs and everything about it is amazing! The intro (or ending to the song before) is absolutely fantastic, just like the rest if the song. Thumbs up to Skillet!

This is my personal theme song... 'nough said?

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2 Salvation

I think this song is better than any other song in this album. - ccr.koirala

1: Salvation
2: Battle Cry
3: Sick of It
4: Rise
5: Not Gonna Die - Alpha101

3 Rise

Don't get me wrong I like not gonna die, but rise is NAMED AFTER THE ALBUM!

The chorus and the ending of the song are good. - LightningBlade

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4 Sick of It

Fun and upbeat! The lyrics are great as well.

It pump your blood in all parts of your body! It is definitely the best song from this album.

This is my favorite song on the Rise album. It gets me in a really good mood after a long day

This is one of the most energetic hard rock songs I've ever listened to. - LightningBlade

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5 Circus For a Psycho

Seth has an incredible part on this track! His solo's are incredible. I saw them play this song live and they got the entire crowd pumped out. It was awesome.

This song is very unique. The riff which gives a circus feeling resembles classic metal. It is a new sound for Skillet. It worked as the song is very catchy, fun, and the guitar solo is amazing. - Jacob102699

Psycho, go go go!

#1. Circus For a Psycho
#2. Sick Of It
#3. Rise - letdot52

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6 What I Believe

Wow I love this song It's the best in this new album + fire and fury & not gonna die

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7 Fire and Fury

Lyrics as well as music is heart listening this song any time any where

I love this song. Some of skillet's songs aren't easy to tell that they are Christian songs, but this one is easy to tell

So touching. It just speaks to me throughout the song in the lyrics and the song! Amazing completely

Jen's vocals are sweet! - LightningBlade

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8 BattleCry

#1: Battle Cry
#2: What I Believe
#3: Everything Goes Black
#4: Rise
#5: Sick of It
#6: Freakshow
#7: American Noise
#8: Fire and Fury
#9: My Religon
#10: Hard to Find
#11: Madness in Me
#12: Not Gonna Die
#13: Good to Be Alive
#14: Circus for a Psycho
#15: Salvation. - Alpha101

Amazing song

Battle Cry maybe a bit different from other songs of Skillet but even though it's Awesome.
My top 3 on Rise are:
#1: Battle Cry
#2: Not Gonna Die
#3: Rise

I'm just after hearing Battle Cry for the first time and I absolutely love it :D The lyrics are really catchy...
It's a great band :D

9 American Noise

Great song, a soft song, that touches my heart, and has such a deep meaning. This song is pretty much the theme song for the teenage years. I love it!

The American Noise Needs To Be In The TOP 5

Heres the real rankings

#1 American Noise
#2 Not Gonna Die
#3 Sick of It
#4 Good to be Alive
#5 Battle Cry
#6 Fire and Fury
#7 Hard to find
#8 Rise
#9 Salvation
#10 What I Believe
#11 Madness in Me
#12 Everythng Goes Black
#13 Circus for a Psycho
#14 Freakshow
#15 My Religion - anonymous1

10 Everything Goes Black

Listen to this in the dark on full volume... It is so touching and gives you a really good sensation of mixed feelings.

The Contenders

11 Hard to Find
12 Madness In Me

I love this song. I'm listening to it now! Literally! I know how to play it on guitar and I can believe this songs on the bottom.

One of my favorites and John's favorite! How does it not even make top 10?

The guitars are so catchy in this song and the echo intro is good. - LightningBlade

13 Freak Show

Epic! My friends and I are freaks so this is our theme song! We hope to have them perform it live! We're seeing them tonight!

That distinct intro is entertaining. - LightningBlade

14 Good to Be Alive

Why this isn't top ten stuns me. It is their best slow song and is really catchy. It's a shame that you guys don't think this song is great!

The song is so true in its lyrical content. "Faith is hard to find". The emotion that the song forces on us feels good. - LightningBlade

15 My Religion

Why is no one voting for this song? It's really catchy & fun. It doesn't sound like something Skillet would make, but it's pretty cool to me.

I voted for it. It's a beautiful and gives you a reason to be proud of following Christ. - LightningBlade

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1. Not Gonna Die
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