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21 Little Darling
22 Black Boys on the Corner
23 Wild One

These are the best lizzy songs in no paticular order:

Don't believe a word- still in love with you- the sun goes down- the spirits slips away- wild one- emerald, holy war
Boys are back is the WORST lizzy song!

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24 Romeo and the Lonely Girl V 1 Comment
25 Do Anything You Want To
26 Suicide
27 Just the Two of Us
28 Rosalie

It's not their song by the way- Bob Seger wrote it - sweetbeef

29 Angel of Death

This is one of the metal songs this band recorded and I like it very much. - Metal_Treasure

One of the best live song I ever heard the band perform.. just an awesome rock song

30 Killer On the Loose
31 Thunder and Lightning
32 Cruising in the Lizzymobile
33 Massacre

This is a truly brilliant song, it has no place being this low.

34 Southbound
35 Chinatown

Just listen to those guitar solos...

36 Little Girl in Bloom
37 Got to Give It Up

How is this so low?!? It's one of my favourite Thin Lizzy songs. Come on people!

38 Dedication

Wonderful tribute record.. Finised by Gary Moore et al, after Phil's passing!

39 The Holy War

So powerful and evil. An unknown gem by Thin Lizzy. Watch it live and see the power and emotion Phil puts in and you will see how great this song is

This one might be as dark as it is power full With those riffs and lyrics worth putting a chill down your spine

A seriously great live song just made for the band.

40 Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed
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