Best Songs From Three Days Grace's Self-titled Album


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1 I Hate Everything About You

Great song! One of my personal favorites and the best on the album!

I listen to this song whenever I'm angry!

Best song on there album but home should be right after this one

Great one.

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2 Just Like You

Good relatable, anger driven, raw song I love listening to when I'm angry at someone/thing!

3 Home
4 Let You Down

My favorite, and the first song I listened to for the band! 😄😃😄

5 Scared

This song is pretty good! I love the way he whispers "its all because of you" great song

6 Take Me Under

This song is widely underrated. I love all of Three Days Grace's songs. - vinny402

7 Drown

This song is too amazing! I just love it. I swear I am always humming it or some other three days grace song

Does like no one listen to this song? It's amazing!

8 Now or Never

I love this song its just too good I love how its all quiet and then he just bursts out the chorus.

9 Overrated

Lol overrated is very underrated!

Perfectly describes mainstream pop music/artists

This is what life is about

Overrated is my jam

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10 Burn

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11 Wake Up

This song is just simply one of the best on the album. I like a few others but this one is just amazing

The greatest song on this album

The only good song on this album

12 Are You Ready
13 Born Like This
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1. I Hate Everything About You
2. Home
3. Just Like You
1. Drown
2. I Hate Everything About You
3. Just Like You
1. Home
2. I Hate Everything About You
3. Take Me Under

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