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201 Waiting for You - Seal
202 Goodbye Kiss - Kasabian
203 Deep - Auburn
204 Bonnie and Clyde - Tink
205 Blessing - Marissa
206 Only Girl (Stepan Belyaev Version)

I personally would DIE if a guy sang this to me!

207 Demons - Imagine Dragons

Overplayed and overrated. Whatever happened to Radioactive? - RiverClanRocks

When you listen to the lyrics, they are actually super sweet and extremely modest.
It's just a guy with low self esteem telling his lover he'll be there for her and she
Deserves better.

208 A Murder of One - Counting Crows
209 Lucy - Skillet
210 One Love - Trey Songz

This is perfect if your crush is brokenhearted... If you mean it!

211 Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
212 Run - Snow Patrol
213 She - Green Day
214 You Complete Me - Keyshia Cole

This song makes me want to cry :( It's so beautiful... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

215 You're Beautiful - James Blunt
216 Love Me Like You Do
217 I've Tried Everything - Olly Murs
218 I Love You - Alex & Sierra V 1 Comment
219 I'll Wait - Van Halen

Nobody knows this song, I bet, but as a huge fan of Van Halen, I know that this song is one of their best. Think the lyrics,
"You've got me captured I'm under your spell,
I guess I'll never learn...

...I'll wait till your love comes down,
I'm coming straight for your heart,
No way you can stop me now,
As fine as you are...

...I wrote a letter and told her these words
That meant a lot to me
I never sent it, she wouldn't have heard
Her eyes don't follow me..."

These lyrics PERFECTLY describe the feeling of unrequited love, and is THE song to send to her. - masong

220 Invisible - Taylor Swift
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