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21 Reefer Party

Best song out of all

The laugh at the beginning of this song is so intense, gets me into it.

Amazing song! All time favorite


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22 Nothin On Ya V 1 Comment
23 Sucker for Pain V 2 Comments
24 True Colors

Amazig beat and muaic. Wiz has this just killed it with his master voice

25 Never Ever

This is Wiz at his best. Real meaning and real lyrics but still upbeat and fun to listen to.

The best song of wiz khalifa after black and yellow

Best song ever by wiz khalifa... Wiz rocks

26 Taylor Gang

The feeling of being a Taylor is awesome!

Really people should that Wiz is the best!

Gets me hyped

Turn Up

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27 Damn It Feels Good to Be a Taylor

This is one of the best kick back songs wiz has. Very chill song!

Chillest song, made just for the fans

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28 Payphone

Should be number 1 or possibly 2

Should be in top 3

What is this song doing at 25!
should be in TOP 10!
awesome song

29 The Sleaze

Should be in top 20

Has a great beat, after a few times I listened to it, I lnew all of the words.

30 Ink My Whole Body

If people actually listened to this song it would be so much higher on the list. It's unknown, thought, so people don't know that they haven't heard Wiz's best song ever

This was the original wiz nobody payed attention too

You're a true wiz fan if you're still bumpin this in 2014

31 Phone Numbers

If this song was mainstream, it would be a lot higher... listen to it!


32 Wake Up

What's wrong with you people? This song deserves to be in top ten!
It's a nice song very catchy.. Wake up, wake up, I don't wanna wake up!

This should be in top 5 there is for sure something wrong with this list

Best song you can really bump this in your car with friends, bomb weed what this song hard

This is an amazing song such good flow

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33 Rooftops

I absolutely love this son! It represents overcoming struggles to succeed!

The beat makes this one of wiz khalifas most intriguing songs

This song should be at least in top 10..

Whyy so down low? Not the best one but it does deserve more than the 26...

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34 The Plan

Best song with medicated

You've gotta be kidding me! This song needs to be in the top 10.

One of my all-time favorites. Absolutely no way it should be outside the top 5!

Why so low rating?!

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35 Goodbye

It combines everything Wiz Khalifa music is made of. You want the Old Wiz? You got it. You want the New Wiz? You got it. This song is when Wiz made his statement as to who he is as an artist. If you don't like this song, you shouldn't listen to Wiz.

This is a fantastic song.

36 Bout Me

This song is that low common people

37 U.O.E.N.O (Remix)

Even if this is still awful, I'd have to say the remix is a massive step-up from the original. While the farty two-note melody and limp percussion haven't been changed, and the song is still overall lazy as kriff, Wiz Khalifa replacing Rick Ross' verse was a great idea, as Rick's verse made the song darn near the worst song of all time. -4/5 - WonkeyDude98

38 Go Hard or Go Home

One of Wiz Khalifa's great songs.

This song is just like You and Your Friends and it is like You and Your Friends because both of these songs should be much,much higher on the list

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39 So High

Why is this not at least in top ten... ? Seriously confused. It's definitely my favorite song by wiz

Like seriously, this song should be at least in Top 5. Dope song

Man! This song should be at least in the top5... It's so cool when you're so stoned, and the lyrics damn so good

Most criminally underrated song on this list

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40 Still Blazin

Best smoking song, just lay back and roast

One of the best, classic unique flow

This is the real deal! A classic

Great song no doubt one of his best

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