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21 Tahitian

Beautiful and tropical sounding language. Bougainville described Tahiti as an "earthly paradise" and the language sure shows it. Very similar to Hawaiian.

22 Icelandic

Chances are you haven't heard Icelandic, given how small of a country Iceland is. It sounds basically like elvish from the lord of the rings movies (Tolkien based it on Icelandic). Plus it hasn't changed in 1000 years, so it sounds like Vikings. It has an elegant fluidity with a unique edge, and lots of th sounds

This is the most beautiful accent in the world, should be number 1

Sounds like elves talking :-)

If everyone knew about Icelandic, it would absolutely be in the top ten. Listen to Heyr himnasmiĆ°your for persuasion.

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23 Korean

I speak Hindi, Marathi, English, Urdu, little but of French and Italian and can sign ASL as well as Braille but out of all of them Korean is something I'm obsessed about! Been learning it for almost 3 years and it's amazing. I can write Korean too and it's so beautiful how the letter symbolise the shape of the tongue. I wish I knew a native Korean speaker so I could practise my skills with them. Never the less Korean is my all time favourite language and also K-pop is wonderful.

Have you ever heard the woman on the airports in Korea speak? Korean language is very beautiful in every way. It is phonetic and the Korean alphabet can literally pronounce any word, and spell out and able to pronounce any word in every languages of the World. Not all languages of the World is able to say that.

Best sounding Asian language for sure. Very harmonic when spoken softly and calmly but the tones easily can change to harsh and bitter when they are mad, aggravated, or super excited.

very soft

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24 Swahili

Probably the best language and easiest in the world. Though not much influence come from East Africa to the rest of the world, I believe the world will love it when they hear it.

Sweetest sounding language in existence. Makes you travel to cool coasts of East Africa. Should be higher in the list

It is the best language I love most, it sounds good and easy to learn it.

Best language ever. - 445956

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25 Norwegian

I know a little norwegian. I think the pitch accent sounds great.

I find it a bit odd that Swedish is ranked above Norwegian. Both have a fluid, melodic nature to them, but Norwegian's pitch accent gives it a sing-song characteristic that puts it ahead of Swedish for me.

I fell in love with the way the language is written. Very beautiful

It's like a softer, sexier, more beautiful and flowing version of english,

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26 Persian

It just sounds romantic and friendly... Even if your angry it just sound friendly

A classic language (others are Greek, Latin and Sanskrit), nice and beautiful poetry. One of the most important languages through history. Persian was a lingua franca in the Ancient and Medieval times.

I think Persian sounds calm and romantic and they donot use one letter more than other letters

Farsi already is on this list, so don't waste your vote here

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27 Haitian Creole

90% of the language is based on the elegance of modern-French, and bares some influences from Portuguese, Spanish, TaĆ­no, and West African languages; so it is not hard to see why it is such a beautiful language. Oh the romantic ballads of the beautiful troubadour music is absolutely breathtaking! It is also mutually intelligible with Antillean Creole and to some extent Louisiana Creole, which are both French-based in the hemisphere. I'm a native English speaker, who learnt French and Spanish and am picking up the Haitian Creole rather nicely.

It's a derivative of French, so of course its beautiful!

28 Polish

It sounds like slavic version of French. It's perfectly combined with music and VERY DIFFICULT to learn.

I love Polish and Poland. And language is very, very hard but awesome.

I must say nothing soothes my aching soul more than a beautiful Polish woman speaking her mother tongue.

I know your feelings. Even for me Polish is hard, and I'm Polish. - redhawk766

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29 Romanian

Romanian has the beauty of Italian and a touch of russian to it. Gorgeous.

It is such a beautiful language, but it is so rare hidden, unknown almost. It is one of those languages where if you heard it in public by another person, you get excited and almost want to go talk to them. I speak Spanish, Romanian, German, Indonesian, and Japanese and haven't that feeling with any one of them before, It definitely deserves a higher spot

Very lyric language. Sounds like honey

Are you kidding me! Romanian is way more beautiful than most of the languages in the top 10. I mean seriously, Romanian is gorgeous! It should at least be in the top 10...

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30 Catalan

I love the sound of Catalan. I just do.

It's loverly and it has a special place in my heart

Sounds like a mix of Romance languages

Better than Spanish, because I think it's more beautiful

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31 Tamil

Feeling very upset to see Tamil in 35th rank... as per record Tamil is the most oldest language among all these languages... No language can come even close to Tamil pronunciation, Detailed and to be honest mother of all languages...

It is undoubtedly one of the ancient and the most beautiful language in the world.

Tamil is the oldest language in the world and it is unique language which have all the capacity to gain the best the best language position Tamil must be in the first position.

Really best language in the world

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32 Turkish

When I first took a class to learn Turkish (they call it Turkce) I couldn't wait for the next session. And the first time I learned a complete Sentence I was repeating it day and night. It is the language of soul and I think it's true that it's the first language that humans have spoken. It has very solid norm and rules and once you learn the pure Turkish you know that it's the language you want to speak.

Yes, Turkish is, for me, the most melodic language, because there is a vocal harmony...

Turkish is an ancient language refined over thousands of years. It is derived from a group of people who immigrated in waves from the Altay mountains of Asia to what is now Turkmenistan, and almost a thousand years ago, Turkey. Over the years, Turkish has adopted the best from many languages, from Arabic and Persian to French. But nothing is more beautiful than it's Turkic roots. As a Turkmen (from Turkmenistan), I have a lot of respect for the language of my Turkish brothers.

Turkish girls are stunning and they sound even more stunning when they speak the Turkish language!

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33 Bengali

It is a language which deserves to be at top 5. Modern Bengali sounds absolutely rubbish, but pure Bengali sounds so clear and good. You'll fall in love with someone after you've heard the sweet Bengali words from them. Absolutely brilliant language.

Bengali is a very sweet language. Bengali is my first language and I'm proud to speak Bengali. Its softness seems like music to your ears.

It is a very sweet language. It is said that if we abuse someone in this language it sounds perfect!

It's really hurt to see that Bengali is number 33.

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34 Urdu

Should be in the top 5 at least. It's a mesmerising language

Amazing sounding language. It is a mixture of turkish, arabic, and Persian languages

This language is very beautiful

I was surprised not to see Urdu in the top 10. Urdu is beautiful because it's so romantic, melodious and poetic. If anyone really wants to hear urdu, then they should listen to urdu poetry and music.

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35 Telugu

Its called the Italian of the East but I would say Italian is the Telugu of the west

Every word in Telugu ends with a vowel sound. It is the only eastern language which has this feature. It makes the language like a song. Italian is the only western language which also has this feature. That's why Telugu is called as Italian of the East.

Words in telugu are sweetest and script and everything are so perfect... Also old telugu is very close to sanskrit which is mother of all languages

My sweet language telugu

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36 Czech

My mother language. It's hard but very dynamic language.

Can be challenging to learn, but result is definitely worth it

Very hard but I think it's melodic

I must say that this language is really hard to learn, because of all the sounds Czech has. Native speakers will definitely notice if you are a foreinger.

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37 Scottish Gaelic

This and Irish Gaeilge are definitely languages of peace. I haven't heard an angry song written in these tongues. There is a lot of art and history as well. Though they may not be needed most places like English is they are still something worth keeping alive. Don't let anybody tell you different.

Scottish Gaelic is the purest language to speak, no doubt about it. The way it rolls off the tongue and feels as you speak it is more flowing and tangible than any other language I've ever spoken.

Such an interesting sound. I am learning it now. So under appreciated.

So beautiful and also bold. Scottish Gaelic ("Gaidhlig" as its speakers call it) needs more people speaking it.

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38 Wolof
39 American English

It's easy for me to say this is awesome cause I'm from America! It's easy to understand; British English is choppy and sounds hilarious!

Come on. Imagine "Game of Thrones" in American English, no one is laughing nor thinking its choppy. This is coming from an American.

40 Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the best of all languages I've heard till yet. Mother of all languages. Gods used to speak in Sanskrit. I am proud to say I am learning this language which has a way lot of influence in Indian history. Also, this language is usually used by priests to do any sorts of prayer.

Sounds wonderful and sweet. It is considered to be language of gods and its alphabetic symbols are universal and derive from the nuture around us. Most of the languages are derived from sanskrit.

It's the mother of all languages, the most powerful, the most sweetest all the body parts get energized on listening it.

The best language

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