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21 Norwegian

I know a little norwegian. I think the pitch accent sounds great.

I find it a bit odd that Swedish is ranked above Norwegian. Both have a fluid, melodic nature to them, but Norwegian's pitch accent gives it a sing-song characteristic that puts it ahead of Swedish for me.

I fell in love with the way the language is written. Very beautiful

It's like a softer, sexier, more beautiful and flowing version of english,

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22 Polish

It sounds like slavic version of French. It's perfectly combined with music and VERY DIFFICULT to learn.

I love Polish and Poland. And language is very, very hard but awesome.

I must say nothing soothes my aching soul more than a beautiful Polish woman speaking her mother tongue.

I know your feelings. Even for me Polish is hard, and I'm Polish. - redhawk766

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23 Tamil

Feeling very upset to see Tamil in 35th rank... as per record Tamil is the most oldest language among all these languages... No language can come even close to Tamil pronunciation, Detailed and to be honest mother of all languages...

It is undoubtedly one of the ancient and the most beautiful language in the world.

Tamil is the oldest language in the world and it is unique language which have all the capacity to gain the best the best language position Tamil must be in the first position.




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24 Catalan

I love the sound of Catalan. I just do.

It's loverly and it has a special place in my heart

Sounds like a mix of Romance languages

Better than Spanish, because I think it's more beautiful

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25 Romanian

Romanian has the beauty of Italian and a touch of russian to it. Gorgeous.

Very lyric language. Sounds like honey

I like this language more than Spanish, because it sounds like Italian and both sound more beautiful than Spanish and they are Latin languages. Even the Spanish is spoken widely and it sounds beautiful, I really don't like it.

Romanian is a gorgeous language.It sounds Like the language a deep-thinker would speak and I really Like the way they articulate the words, but I have to say it is a lot harder to learn than the other romance languages. Misterious, poetic and very harmonic.Love it!

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26 Hawaiian

Hawaiian has only eight consonants, and every consonant in a word is followed by a vowel, so the words roll out of your mouth like a melodic stream -- perfect for singing!

Hawaiian is my #1 favorite language, and I have many favorites. It is so much more poetic than any other language, and the way it sounds is just so warm and beautiful.

Hawaiian sounds so beautiful it's light and soft and the songs sound good and like real music

True Hawaiian sound so soft and gentle and feels amazing to be able to speak it as we know Hawaiian language only has 1,000 native speakers and is endangered and should be brought back to life and fully restore

Hawaiian is like- I don't know how to explain it- welcome. I dunno

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27 Persian

It just sounds romantic and friendly... Even if your angry it just sound friendly

A classic language (others are Greek, Latin and Sanskrit), nice and beautiful poetry. One of the most important languages through history. Persian was a lingua franca in the Ancient and Medieval times.

Farsi already is on this list, so don't waste your vote here

Whats the difference between Farsi and Persian? Farsi=Parsi and in english parsi is : PERSIAN
i'm iranian... the correct pronounciation of my language is PARSI wich arabs say Farsi because their language has not the sound "P" and english speakers call it Persian. I don't know why you seprated these twoes!

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28 Bengali

It is a language which deserves to be at top 5. Modern Bengali sounds absolutely rubbish, but pure Bengali sounds so clear and good. You'll fall in love with someone after you've heard the sweet Bengali words from them. Absolutely brilliant language.

Bengali is a very sweet language. Bengali is my first language and I'm proud to speak Bengali. Its softness seems like music to your ears.

It is a very sweet language. It is said that if we abuse someone in this language it sounds perfect!

I know 5 languages including hindi, urdu, english, bengali, arabic. I also know a little japanese and spanish and learning more languages. Bengali is definitely the best, sweetest language among all.

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29 Turkish

When I first took a class to learn Turkish (they call it Turkce) I couldn't wait for the next session. And the first time I learned a complete Sentence I was repeating it day and night. It is the language of soul and I think it's true that it's the first language that humans have spoken. It has very solid norm and rules and once you learn the pure Turkish you know that it's the language you want to speak.

Yes, Turkish is, for me, the most melodic language, because there is a vocal harmony...

Turkish is an ancient language refined over thousands of years. It is derived from a group of people who immigrated in waves from the Altay mountains of Asia to what is now Turkmenistan, and almost a thousand years ago, Turkey. Over the years, Turkish has adopted the best from many languages, from Arabic and Persian to French. But nothing is more beautiful than it's Turkic roots. As a Turkmen (from Turkmenistan), I have a lot of respect for the language of my Turkish brothers.

Harmony of vowels

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30 Urdu

Should be in the top 5 at least. It's a mesmerising language

Amazing sounding language. It is a mixture of turkish, arabic, and Persian languages

This language is very beautiful

Lol Urdu is used in so many bollywood to the point that a singer like arijit Singh can even pronounce Urdu words so perfectly and not only him but Bollywood playback singers / actors have incorporated urdu. Fact, actors take lessons in Urdu dialect. It is no wonder so many Pakistanis watch bwood

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31 Telugu

Its called the Italian of the East but I would say Italian is the Telugu of the west

Every word in Telugu ends with a vowel sound. It is the only eastern language which has this feature. It makes the language like a song. Italian is the only western language which also has this feature. That's why Telugu is called as Italian of the East.

Words in telugu are sweetest and script and everything are so perfect... Also old telugu is very close to sanskrit which is mother of all languages

Sweet poetry, beautiful sounding and rich heritage makes Telugu perfect

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32 Irish

Easily the most graceful sounding accent in the world, and the type that makes us all crave an Irish lullaby before bedtime. Musical, poetic, emotional, and bound to bring a tear to your eyes when sung with the right voice. This is the most beautiful voice of all the heavens greatest.

Listening to a soft Irish song brings tears to the eyes while a harsher one will make your blood pump. It's beauty is impossible to describe.

I was in Ireland over the summer, this language is written everywhere from road signs to doctors offices, it's a gorgeous language!


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33 Czech

My mother language. It's hard but very dynamic language.

Czech is just awesome, if you'll heard I'm one who speak fluent czech you must found that czech is awesome language. Is really hard to learn, sometimes is hard to talk but still is beautiful.

Can be challenging to learn, but result is definitely worth it

I agree this is the most beautiful language and it should be #1

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34 Scottish Gaelic

This and Irish Gaeilge are definitely languages of peace. I haven't heard an angry song written in these tongues. There is a lot of art and history as well. Though they may not be needed most places like English is they are still something worth keeping alive. Don't let anybody tell you different.

Scottish Gaelic is the purest language to speak, no doubt about it. The way it rolls off the tongue and feels as you speak it is more flowing and tangible than any other language I've ever spoken.

Such an interesting sound. I am learning it now. So under appreciated.

So beautiful and also bold. Scottish Gaelic ("Gaidhlig" as its speakers call it) needs more people speaking it.

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35 Wolof
36 American English

It's easy for me to say this is awesome cause I'm from America! It's easy to understand; British English is choppy and sounds hilarious!

Come on. Imagine "Game of Thrones" in American English, no one is laughing nor thinking its choppy. This is coming from an American.

37 Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the best of all languages I've heard till yet. Mother of all languages. Gods used to speak in Sanskrit. I am proud to say I am learning this language which has a way lot of influence in Indian history. Also, this language is usually used by priests to do any sorts of prayer.

Sounds wonderful and sweet. It is considered to be language of gods and its alphabetic symbols are universal and derive from the nuture around us. Most of the languages are derived from sanskrit.

It's the mother of all languages, the most powerful, the most sweetest all the body parts get energized on listening it.

It's amazing language because it derived from our country and historical in ancient of existing of earth

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38 Albanian

Is the best sounding language in balkan 4 sure!

I've heard Albanian last week for the first time and... WOW! I fell immediately in love with it! It is very underrated in my opinion, because it has everything that a perfect language is supposed to have!

It sounds awesome even though it has some hard letters to spell. It is a bit hard learning to speak it but you will love it.

A very interesting and unique language, it being in its own branch. It is very melodic and beautiful.

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39 Hebrew

It is the language of the prophets
Of the sign up on the wall
It is old and sacred
It will open up your soul

It's both extremely simple and extremely deep and multi-faceted at the same time. It's unlike any other language for that characteristic and it's sonority is very sing-song, soft-sounding and unique.

Hebrew is unique in its ability to be read without being understood. When spoken properly, it flourishes in a harmonious blend of power and grace.

Amazing Language

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40 Bulgarian

I don't understand a word of it but it sounds like a more musical version of my own language - Brazilian portuguese. The pronunciation is quite similar

I've just heard nina dobrev speak it on T.V. sounds so unique and beautiful.

Almost like a soft whisper

Way more interesting than the Italian one.

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