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Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.


Requires the greatest skill, strength, balance, cardio, tumbling, dance etc. Incorporates so much and it is not necessarily a team sport. Each individual is responsible for one self and the competition is cut throat, takes an extremely athletic individual and must be started at a young age. Do LOTS of things not physically impossible for the average human. Very entertaining and fascinating. One of the most watched in Olympics by all populations.

Gymnastics should be #1 because it takes skill to do it and you can't just say " I'm good at gymnastics" and don't even do it in the gym and you just go in your yard and do a cartwheel! I'd say I'm pretty good at gymnastics because I've been doing it since I was 5 but I don't know what you guys think so yeah but anyway it is hard to be a gymnast! Now I'm a gymnastics coach and it's hard to see kids struggle but I love being a coach especially for gymnastics! I LOVE GYMNASTICS!

I am a sports fanatic not only because of what the sport looks like on T.V. or how other people rate it I love sports because of how much effort I know that people put in to participating in them. Though I am not very good at gymnastics my self I appreciate how difficult it can be and compared to the other sports I think this I one of the best because of the sheer difficulty of the actions themselves and the mental toughness that people must have to participate in them.

It doesn't bug me that we are eighth at all, but it does bug me that NASCAR is above us. Seriously? NASCAR? You drive a fast car around in a circle! How is that anything compared to what we do? We work through seat, blood, and tears. Discouragement runs extremely high, and only few people even make it to the top levels. It's by far one of the hardest, most dangerous, and best sports in the world. It should be higher.

Wow. #6? That's not justified in any way. I've been in gymnastics since I was 2, and I train 17 hours every week, and I'm only 12! Even though I have had countless injuries, ex: hyperextended knee, 3 sprained right ankles, 1sprained left ankle, one messed up gigantic group of muscles in my back, a fractured foot, and many more rips and bruises. And through all of this, I come back for more! If that doesn't give gymnastics a reason to be the best sport, I don't know what will.

I am a very good gymnast and I personally think gymnastics is the number one sport I America! I have been doing gymnastics since I was 3 and now I am 12 and I'm still doing gymnastic.. Gymnastics is a sport that takes hard work and dedication. I don't care if you football players think gymnastics isn't hard well it is its just as hard as football probably even harder, gymnastics is a year round sport we never stop!

I'm a level 9 and trust me this sport is literally, in my opinion, the most dangerous and most difficult sport in the world! I've been doing gymnastics since I was 5 and I'm so committed to this sport that I'm hoping that in a few years I will be able to get into the Olympics one day.

I've been a high-level gymnast for over 12 years, and I can say that gymnastics is one of the most complete sports there is. Ex-males gymnast are able to put heavy work into anything they do, so they often perform very very well in other sports. Some of the world's best athletes in individual sports used to be gymnasts.

We gymnasts have to train very hard you have to work hard even to get your split! I am a gymnast and competing is definitely not easy you are pressured as well why happens if you get a 7.00 or even worse bellow that? Gymnastics Is a great sport!

Gymnastics is voted the hardest sport because it is. You always are learning and never know how to do all the skills... you can always be adding another tuck into that double... you can always add a twist into that full twist. You are always getting better! So you soccer football baseball and basketball players shut up! - gymnast8

Gymnastics is no doubt the best sport! I've tried a lot of different sports, but the only one I really loved was gymnastics. Gymnastics is the only sport I care to watch. Apparently people would rather watch some guys beating each other up for a ball than this.

Gymnastics is a very hard sport I have been doing it for 11 years it takes a lot of work and effort. It takes up a lot of time to you can get hurt badly but gymnast don't mind pain they are determined. While your friends are at parties your at practice.

Gymnastics should be number 1. I am a level 8 and will be nine. I have a broken back right now though that's why I'm still an 8. Gymnastics is hard and has many great athletes in the sport


dude i play this sport every friday and i can do a lot of kool trick and my name is dominique just klike the famouse ones that play gynastics and i love shawn jounson

I love gymnastics because with it we can stable our body position and we can do it with every way. - BeaM456

This isn't the hardest sports in the USA, it's the best sports in the USA. Just because Gymnastics is hard doesn't mean it's the best

Gymnastics is not easy! The only easy thing is getting deductions. I want to see someone try to do a double flyaway!

I practice this sport and my name is NADIA COMANICHSKI AND I LIKE THIS PAGE1!

This isn't about how hard the sport is it's about how popular the sport is and gymnastics isn't popular so go and play football all you gymnasts

I broke my leg doing a front handspring but this sport is the best by far! I love gymnastics!

I totally know what you mean gymnastics is very hard but it is the best sport in the world!

Why do they not let you rest I want to do gymnastics but not under those circumstances.

Oh my word, gymnasts are SO ANNOYING! Please little girls, this is the best sports list, not the hardest sports list. Just 'cause you think it's hard doesn't mean it's the best sport. And why do y'all have to go into detail about your training schedule and how you risk your life and yadda yadda, we don't really care. I find it funny that while nearly all of you are saying how hard it is, none of you have yet to prove that it's the best sport. I can think of ten sports that should be above you on this list, so don't get cocky. you aren't the greatest athletes the world has ever seen. In fact, you might actually be the worst in terms of sportsmanship, so stop acting like you are. - SassyEquine

Amazing I'm a gymnast I'd say who goes to premier athletics