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1 It's Been Awhile

This song's very good. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

this is a great song that a lot of people can relate to. It fits me perfect I'm doing things I'm proud of and getting my lfe in order. Now I can "hold my head up high"

It's been Awhile since there has been a song like this in the industry. The vocals takes me to a different world. It suits be irrespective of my mood. Great, Awesome. There is a kind weird numbness in this song

The best one!

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2 Mudshovel

Great song

This is by far their best song. The first album was astounding and in my opinion the best. I didn't like when they got softer. When I saw them in concert performing this, the lead singer just walked out into the thrashing mosh pit and sang this entire song with his eyes closed.
No one touched him, but the pit still raged hard.

This is their best work in my opinion

Lmfao this is MUCH better than Outside like are you kidding me?

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3 So Far Away

So Far Away is not only Staind's best song, but it may very well be a top 10 song of the decade. Though it features a very simple chord progression, the greatness of the song lies in the power of the drums, the beautiful guitar riff on the verse, and the inconceivably perfect vocal performance.

Best song easy. Mudshovel at 10 is way to low. I can live with It's been awhile being there top song

This song has helped me so many different times in my life. I can relate to this song time and time again. Staind is awesome! Very real lyrics with an amazing sound!

Best song of theirs, hands down. Makes me really just get lost in memories and thoughts! Even though its an older song now, remember being a teen and listening to it. Love, love, love it!

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4 Outside

Best song for sure, it is the song that gets their fans going at concerts, probably one of the most emotionally attached songs for the band.

This has to be there greatest song. It relates to a lot of relationships and the rhythm is simply amazing but impacting as well.

Love this song... Makes you think! Everyone relates to the feelings being conveyed!

The Best Song I've Ever Heard From Staind, This Song Takes Me To Another World & When I Listen To This Track I Close My Eyes.

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5 Right Here

This is their second best song. I voted for it so it can get higher. This should be at number 2. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Great lyrics and great song! Every time I hear this song my eyes close automatically and I am transformed to a different world. Cheers!

I believe this song should be number 1. Very powerful meaning with life behind it.

This song is absolutely perfect! The lyrics as well as the chorus just sends chills when you hear it!

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6 For You

This song should be number 1

just found out about this song today, I always herd it when I was yound then I was like, OMG, this is bad ass

Come on this should be on top! I mean all the other songs are amazing, but this one just gives me chills every time I hear it T_T

For you, Was the first song I heard from my dad. And I liked it, and he said the bands name. Ever since then I've loved this band.

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7 Fade

This is my favorite song by them! How is this not number one?

This is the first song that I heard of Staind.

Not sure why this wasn't on their greatest hits album, it was one of their best charting songs, and the more requested from that album.

This song can relate to many people for people who don't even bother caring for them and you knoe this song can relate to them and its great song with strong lyrics

8 Everything Changes

This song MUST be in the top three. It is just perfect.

It express perfectly the guilt, the loneliness and the feel of the wasted time that you can't recover with the person that you love.

I can really relate to this song. First sang it to my girlfriend on our 5th anniversary, learned it on guitar in 2 days. The relationship didn't last but I'll never forget what it did for me.

To be honest, this is 1 of the only 2 songs In the entire world that make me break down every time I hear it. It should be number 5 instead of "right here" everything changes should be #5

I can honestly say this is munber two easy I sent my girlfriend "tangled up in you" so I would say this is a good song but "tangled up in you" wins no questions asked

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9 Believe

Fantastic song! This is in my top 3.

Love this song! Find myself singing it throughout the day!

10 Price to Play

Awesome music video, this song kicks the 14 Shades of Grey album in the best possible way. It's one of the heavier ones but that's why it's so good. For You should be next

This song is awesome. It should come after Its Been Awhile, So Far Away, Right Here, Mudshovel and Outside

Staind's best song, in my opinion. Just give it a listen and you'll most likely see why.

How is this here? This is better than It's Been Awhile. Awesome choras!

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11 Eyes Wide Open

This is better and heavier than half the damn list

This is better than half the list what

How is this not higher on the list! This is defiantly the best song by them, it's so brutal I love the screaming and the sounds of the guitar :D. It's also quite catchy too!

Should be in top 5 what. Bacon. This song is just gorgeous and aggressive

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12 Zoe Jane

This is definitely their most meaningful song. Lots of them are meaningful, but this one... This one gets me every time.

Somehow Aaron put into words the unconditional love I have for my daughters! And it will always be our song! Thanks Aaron!

Love this song. My husband played it for our daughters

Definitely the best. Most meaningful song

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13 Come Again

you're crazy! this is one of top3 and it's not in the list?! - Teo2390

This song is great & is the only song from tormented to appear on their singles 1996-2006 album.

These guys totally sold out. But they didn't with this masterpeice. Tormented was such a great album.

14 Spleen

This is the epitome of what Staind was supposed to be. A heavy metal band with some melodic elements. Spectacular closing track for Staind's best album.

Heaviest song Staind ever produced. Deserves to be way higher honestly. The raw emotion of it is something special to hear.

This song is on of my favorites from dysfunction along with mudshovel,

This song is one of the best

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15 Not Again

The best rock song ever! I would love to see it live - if it was done exactly like the recording- I would challenge Arron to sing it as aggressively live as it sounds from the cd. I never get tired of this song

Not Again should be much higher, it's so far the most aggressive Staind song I have heard and shows how great of a comeback they can make, and thank god because music is starting to suck.

Really this song is truly amazing it should at least be in the top 5 it has a great heavy metal sound to it LONG LIVE STAIND

It's the best song from this great rock band for me, I hear this song several times everyday, big song

16 Paper Wings
17 All I Want

This song is just awesome... Can't see how it's not in the top ten... The melody is catchy and it gets stuck in my head for days on end... - joebuck

THIS NEEDS TO BE TOP 10! Vote it up! It's such a powerful love song! People, let's go! - joebuck

To the loved one.. - Ananya

18 Something to Remind You

This is one of the best songs I have heard. I think it needs to be at least 2-3 on best songs. I absolutely love it

This is my favorite song by them! I love it so much!

This must be number one! Great lyrics, this made me listen to staind at first place, no way its down here, at least deserves a top 3 spot!

Depending on where you're at in your life, will determine how this song speaks to you, but no matter the case, it will move you. Aaron Lewis' voice touches me when I listen to this, and for me this would clearly be my number 1. I feel it might be this far down the list, as it is lesser known.

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19 Home

I love this song - Sabbath

Are you kidding me? This should definitely be at least in the top 10. - Circleofjerks

How can this be so low?

I love this song it's my favorite.

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20 Epiphany

This song and Outside are in the same league, this needs to be top 5 at least!

Emotionally exhausting song, to be truthful it beats zoe jane, come on this should be at least in the top 5, plus this song showcases aaron lewis's vocal range

Every true Staind fans love this song. It deserves to be in top three.

Couldn't resist not voting for this one.

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21 The Way I Am

Disappointing that it's not at least in the top 5. This is definitely one of my favorite songs!

Best song of theirs along with 'Fade'

I love this song!

Superb Song... I love it... The guitar solo is best

22 Raw

Bs top 10, Dysfunction is by far their best album and this is one of the highlights off the album, it’s the perfect example of what a nu metal song should be, way more Dysfunction songs are needed in the top 10 in order for this list to be realistic

RAW for the top 10! Awesome song!

23 Just Go
24 Break Away
25 Now

Loved that this song was in the nascar inside line game

Deaf people... - rujudan

Great Guitar playing! For me I think its one of the best songs on the new album. Can't wait for the next one

Should be #1 for real

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26 Tangled Up in You

Number 29 what! Have you ever heard this song?

My son got married to this song. It’s so beautiful.

Great song! One of the best on The Illusion of Progress.

This song was sent to me by a very special person in my life. It's such a beautiful, soulful song. Truly one of the best.

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27 Suffer

Definitely one of my favorite songs by them of all time.

Great riffs and vocal structure in the chorus

28 Schizophrenic Conversations

More deaf people... - rujudan

Best song Aaron ever wrote.

Why isn't this song higher up, I mean the lyrics is just so damn clever and beautiful.

Brilliant song! just brilliant musically with superb lyrics. I am a big Staind fan and this song is probably my favorite.

29 Failing

This is one of my favorites from their self-titled album. Deserves better ranking.

30 Nothing Left to Say

Even more deaf people. - rujudan

I agree honestly this song should have been one of their hits it's very different and unique. It's got a slow and sad intro in the beginning and The guitar riffs are sad and they just flow with the song and the overall sad mood that it delivers. It's the most underrated staind song that I have that deserves way more attention and credit that currently has. - Solthor

I love the early staind songs. I prefer the vibe of the older ones. However, THIS SONG IS A BEAST. Very well written and amazingly executed. Gets my vote.

Love it sooo much

31 Open Your Eyes

Awesome song! Definitely in my top 15.

How is this at the bottom!?!?!? Amazing song

First song I heard when I bought Breaking the cycle, amazing song, just perfect, my personnal favorite.

32 Fray
33 Can't Believe

This song should be at least number 20 or so

A good old fashioned angry metal song. What’s not to like?

True Staind fans should know... Great song with a deep meaning!

Ohh Hell Naww! This Should Be In the Top Tens
This Is Waht I Call Rock.

34 How About You

Great melody and good lyrics

Why isn't this way higher!

This should be higer

35 Falling
36 Suffocate
37 Fill Me Up

How is this song 42nd?

38 Reply

How is this 42nd? Should be way higher

An ode from Staind to his fans. Definitely deserves better ranking.

39 Devil

This is an Amazingly Beautiful Song... ! Why it's not on the list is beyond me. Definitely deserved to be on Top 10.

AGREED. this deserves a spot int eh stop ten

40 Take It

I just believe this song is awesome just take a listen.

This song deserves way higher this is one of the first songs I ever heard by staind as a kid

41 Yesterday

One of my favorites. How is this not in the top ten?

A great song with a cool drum intro. Followed by a mild hip-hop esque verse with an awesome chorus. Aaron Lewis (vocalist) does an excellent job.

42 Please

This song is amazing and isn't getting the recognition it deserves on this list. Powerful rhythmically and lyrically. One of their best.

I love this song listen to it at least twice a day!

Best Song Ever!... so powerful letters and the melancholy of the notes make this song in a piece of art, I recommend this song if you have that person that doesn�'t accept you, even if you do everything for him. TOP 5 definitely

43 Sober
44 This is It

Just feel like playing air guitars and sing when I hear this each time. Seriously deserves a spot on the top 10 at least.

What? This song deserves to be in the top 20's at least, this song was one of the first songs that introduced me to staind.

My favorite Staind song

Opening Track on the Album TIOP,Really Rocks Hard,PERFECT CHORUS,EXCELLENT GUITAR BRIDGE! Must Listen!

45 Cross to Bear

Awesome song!

Some one probably made a mistake. This should have been definitely on the list. The riffs, the vocals, the anger, its got it all.

46 Blow Away

For me this is one of those songs that isn't popular for the majority bit I think its fkn awesome

Top 10 easily

Deserves to be higher than 46 geez

This is absurd this song just about made me tear up it's so deep and emotional talking about the experiences he's faced that have changed him into something he despises and how he doesn't want to be here in this world, and that he's lost so much already

47 Raining Again

I agree one of Stainds best hits in my opinion.

R you guys SERIOUS! You leave out one of the best song of Staind! You guys only pay attention to some songs, which r sumwat good, BUT COME ON! Please LISTEN TO THE SONG and then tell me if I'm wrong!

48 Waste
49 Throw It All Away

How is this low? Should be higher...

50 Tonight
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