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1 Enterprise E

Always liked how sleek and powerful this ship looked, especially in comparison to the Enterprise D which never really grabbed me like the Enterprise E and the original Enterprise (no not the NX-01) did. Sadly also a very underutilized ship design. She should have been used more often.

The most awesome looking ship in my opinion, looks the fastest, strongest and coolest. Current flagship.

This ship is awesome and cool. It is the most recent one (chronologically from 2151 to about 2375).

The most awesome ship in star trek I thick it seems ok for the 26-27 century combats

2 Voyager

Home for all those brilliant episodes of Voyager, becomes stronger over time, at the end it is the most powerful ship in the Alpha Quadrant when it has the ablative armor from the future.

Oh so sexy... Plus let's not forget about what comes with the Voyager - the Delta Flier. Technically another ship in itself, but Voyager is its mothership.

Quantum torpedoes; ablative armor; survived several borg attacks; enough said.

Sleek lines, not to big, powerful, fast! It really doesn't get any better.

3 Enterprise D

The best enterprise ever will be! Why else was it the highest bided on studio model back when they were auctioned!

Most beautiful star-ship in my mind. The 1701-D was sleek, elegant and powerful. Galaxy Class Star-ships forever.

The crews home for all those TNG episodes, very emotional when it was destroyed in the film Generations.

Let's see when this Galaxy-class starship gets number 1.

4 Enterprise A

I have to admit, this is the best looking Star Trek ship

The constitution refit looks amazing

Cool looking ship and you can't beat the origanel ships

The Ship for the best Movies

5 Scimitar

This is by one if not most powerful ship ever the only reason the enterprise e survived the battle is because shinzon decided not to destroy it otherwise it could have been overpowered and destroyed in a matter of minutes and with the advance cloak and weapons array that could fire well in warp speed and through the cloak which is impossible to detect he could have destroyed a fleet of borg ships if he wanted to he demonstrated that the ship could cripple or destroyed to Romulan ships and still fight. The Enterprise had depleted of its weapons even with the help of the Romulans the scimitar shields we're still at 70 percent needless to say the scimitar kicks ass

Apart from the new USS Vengeance, this ship is one of the most threatening and awesome in Star Trek's universe! Huge, with advanced weaponry, cloaking abilities, impressive speed, an awesome look, a hanger with many little battle shuttles, and lets not mention a super deadly weapon capable of eliminating all of life in one planet, how can this ship, biases aside, not be the greatest of Star Trek history?!

Shinzon's ship in Nemesis, this ship is AWESOME, it looks amazing, it's huge, and is insanely powerful, it takes out the Enterprise E, the Federation's flagship, with ease.

The Star Trek equivalent of the Death Star.

6 Defiant

Still the best. Enterprise E is second best. Both are made for serious encounters, not Love Boat in space. I love it every time it comes on screen.

Cool ship. Also, best trek series. It brought a sense of darkness and intricacy that Trek needed, not that any of the series were bad in ANY way.

Separated deep space nine from other star trek shows

"It's on a five-year mission to kick ASS."
-Ira Steven Behr

7 Enterprise C

Best mix of all worlds, Classic lines of the old with some of the power of the new.

Nice ship with clean lines. They don't make them like this anymore.

Beautiful ship, very very pretty.

8 Original Enterprise

Iconic, and even grander in the films. I couldn't care less about quantum torpedo power etc. When ranking my favourite ships.

This was the ship that brought the franchise in and had a cool look for it's decade

Uh, no. 8?! noo this is THE FIRST enterprise EVER. why is this at no. 8?! Should be no. 1. Better than the enterprise d

How is THE enterprise this low

9 Enterprise F

The enterprise is by far the most powerful. If I hear one more moron say the defiant say because of the quantum torpedos and pulsar phasers I am going to scream. Defiant is powerful but the engery output of the shields alone cannot take the anywhere near the punishment of the enterprise e and f nor the that of the promethus.

10 Enterprise (NX-01)

It has a futuristic design, but reminds me of a modern steel naval vessel. And it took a pounding far greater than any other vessel in Star Trek. The NX-01 fought the Klingons and the Borg, not to mention being alone in the delphic expanse fighting the technologically-superior Xindi without shields. This was by far the toughest ship ever seen in the Star Trek universe.

Cool because it's the first. Very sleek and as time progresses the crew does a lot of retrofits. My favorite those bad ass phase cannons. And T'Pal the sexiest Vulcan ever.

Glad this is top ten, it means a lot to here. It is a very capable vessel despite the ship being slower than other in top speed in this opinion.

Very good looking ship

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11 Borg Cube 3

Both logical and mechanical, basically defines the borg.

12 Neghvar

Big + powerful + Klingon = beast

Badass...enough said

13 USS Reliant

If there was ever a "badass" federation ship, it's the Reliant from Wrath of Khan. The nacells and saucer hanging down like that? Sweet. The Shenzhou reminds me of it a little (also kinda badass).

14 Stargazer

Stargazer is one of the most unique looking ship

15 D'deridex

The D'Deridex Warbird is a perfect blend of elegance and power. Its smooth lines and massive shape obscure perhaps the most powerful non-Borg vessel in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The fact that it can cloak only makes it that much cooler.

16 Akira Class

Sleek, sexy, and armed to the teeth, the Akira class heavy escort will make any attacker doubt their decision. It's redundant engineering systems and numerous torpedo bays allow this starship to stay in the fight longer than other comparable classes. It looks cool as heck too.

A cool, cute and tough little ship. Easily one of the best looking, and pretty powerful too, since it fought in the Dominion War

Most iconic design from the next gen st

17 Enterprise G
18 Klingon Warbird
19 USS Defiant
20 USS Vengeance

This ship deserves being in the top ten because it represents the overwhelming power of ambition - it is built solely for combat, and can be operated by a minimum of ONE CREW MEMBER if necessary. That's pretty damn badass!

The one Star Trek warship, needs to be higher

21 D5 Class Battle Cruiser
22 Cardassian Galor
23 Enterprise J

Big, Intimidating... The newest Starship to bear the name "Enterprise"

24 V’ger

It could dematerialize matter and could destroy any planet with little effort, definitely the most powerful ship in the Star Trek universe.

25 Keldon
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