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Stone Sour is an American three time Grammy Award-nominated rock band from Des Moines, Iowa. They are made up of singer Corey Taylor, guitarists Jim Root and Josh Rand, Bassist Shawn Economaki and Drummer Ray Mayorga.

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1 Through Glass Through Glass

Can't explain. It's just perfect musically and the lyrics are great.

I don't care if those metalheads at my school think only heavy rhythms make a "cool" song. this song is nothing less than pure musical intelligence.

This is one of the best song ever... very powerful message and very good lyrics... not only their best song but one of the best songs I have ever heard period!

Love it

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2 Bother Bother

This is the best song ever Stone Sour, It has so much emotion and you can't help but to just sing along with it! If you don't believe that this is the best song by Stone Sour then you probably should consider listening to it!

By far one of the best songs corey taylor has ever written. Great guitar and the words really make you listen.

gotta give up for the emotion

Emotion is all he knows! You can tell in his eyes! I've been backstage with him and I know his gust

So beautiful, the emotion Corey puts into the song is amazing. I feel like anyone can find this relatable.

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3 Say You'll Haunt Me Say You'll Haunt Me

Stone Sour is so wonderful because it has heart. This song is one the best love songs ever written. It is unlike any other love song out there, and no one can deny that. There is nothing "typical" about this one, it conveys an emotion most love songs don't. - PunkCynthia

This one is much better than Through Glass. This should definitely be above Through glass in this chart.

Why not 1st...let me start from no1...through glass great song but just mainstream...bother..really overrated...and this song has powerful and great chorus...nice couple and others..

This kind of reminds me of a beautiful sort of desperation. I can relate, and the way I interpret this is he is so scared of losing the ones he loves.

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4 Absolute Zero Absolute Zero

Monster of a song. Their best to date. This had better move up the list

Share my opinion? Fact: "Absolute Zero" is the best thing to happen to hard rock since... Um... Back in Black came out in 1980... Nope, better.

Good song. The chorus especially, very melodic, heavy guitars, good to hear corey singing without too much shouting.

Amazing song, and Corey Taylor's hair is the video is so boss

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5 Gone Sovereign Gone Sovereign

The first song I listened and I knew from the moment that this is the band made to rock my ears!

One of their most "heavy" songs. First their song I've heard, as well. That energy and lyrics are ideal for me in any mood. Number 1 in my playlist!

Number 8! Are you kidding me! This song was my first ever mosh pit! Best song ever! I was converted straight away

After hearing this song conversion was imminent

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6 Do Me a Favor Do Me a Favor

I just don't know this isn't so popular. It's just perfect. One of the best songs I ever heard

I love this song its good and the video is good and its one of the songs you can get lost in

Extremely catchy and easy to listen to, it really has got everything.

This song is so catchy, and very truthful.

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7 Zzyzx Rd. Zzyzx Rd.

Makes you wanna cry?
I do cry cause this song represents me and my life...
You can just feel the pain and misery coming from the lyrics for me this is what makes SS different from Slipknot cause without songs like this and Thru the glass they wud be a rip off of slipknot.

Words cannot describe how absolutely amazing this song is. The piano is beautiful, his voice is incredible and this song has so much emotion packed into it. Isn't that what music is suppose to be?

I have overcome, fell and now crawling out of the hole. It has made me come to realize all the stupid things whether material or peoples opinions or other stupid sheit do not matter. I'm going to be stronger and has made me something I thought I'd never be... Fearless. I knew I loved this song, moreover it being a ballad. All overcomers are my hero's!

A single track that can scream all of your thoughts right back at your face. One of the best songs ever written.

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8 Get Inside Get Inside

get inside is stone sour's best song I my favorite of all their songs rock on corey

My personal favorite Stone Sour song. Heavy and reminiscent of Iowa-era Slipknot. Corey sings fantastic on this one.

GET INSIDE GET INSIDE .. Great song, my favorite from them. Absolute Zero's a good one, but this one is much harder. I still think their first album was their best.

This thing is Nasty! Heavy & fast and the lyrics are about rape and crazy stuff haha

9 Tired Tired

These lyrics are what make the song. They resonate too well with how I personally feel. Maybe that's not true of other people, but it's true of me which is why this song got my vote. Not to mention the melody matches the tone and lyrics well enough that this song can really make one feel something.

This is the best song from stone sour..! Its not that metal and not that soft..! Exactly what you need..! Perfect solo, riffs..! Everything just perfect..!

This song really makes me happy.

I think this is their best.

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10 Influence of a Drowsy God Influence of a Drowsy God

Please vote for a song called I Can't Believe, one of the best song by SS. Give it a try, man I'm sure you all are gonna like it. Like if you agree. Hope they'll make some re-enchancement.

The Newcomers

? I Can't Believe

I Can't Believe this song laying down in bottom of the list, For me this song always be in top three. What a touching song man, let's vote for this song...

Best song ever by stone sour in my opinion. I JUST now heard it and can't believe I never hward it before.

? Imperfect Imperfect

The first stone sour song I heard and still one of my favorites

This song is beautiful.. must be ranked higher!

The Contenders

11 Hesitate Hesitate

Should have been ranked number 1, I don't get it why it is ranked so down in the order. - Flash667

This song is their best song hands down! I bought immediately after hearing it on the radio! LOVE IT!

This is Stone sour's best song. This is the song Stone Sour's
Well-known for. This one should be ranked No. 1 without any doubt. You'll love it the first instance you'll hear it. So, vote up people!


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12 30/30-150 30/30-150

How can you not love this song. It's impossible to listen 2 without getting up and either screaming your head off or punching someone in the face! How is it not number 1 with its amazing riffs and unbelievably catchy chorus? Corey and Jim are awesome.

Awesome riffs, great chorus, how is this not #1!?! It's a wild and crazy song, one of the first songs I heard by stone sour and it made me a huge fan.

First time listened to this song it sounded like Corey was singing with Slipknot a bit which I loved. Its heavy but still was that rock feel to it

All I can say is this brings back some amazing memories from: Full Auto2 on PlayStation3

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13 Inhale Inhale

Will always be my favourite, would love to see it live, don't know why it isn't more popular.

Super vocal perform #corey

14 The House of Gold & Bones The House of Gold & Bones

This was a very difficult choice just because Stone sour have so many amazong songs now. I went with this song because its the title track of stone sours masterpiece 2 part album and its the end track which really finishes the album with a bang

The greatest finale to a double concept album of all time!

Great song I wont say it deserves to be higher or not I'm sure it does but..the song has somthing wonderful that have stone sours power in it but still it has the good vocals from corey...listen to the chorus...listen to the endind chorus withe the duo..i'm sure this song is great but it may be in 30 and may in 1...i say it becasue stone sour songs are along with slipknots one the best in this world...but stone sours most underrated...if this world could listen to corey singing he would have 40 milion more fans...well there isn't best or worst stone sour song they are all great...LOVE THIS BAND!

15 The Conflagration

This is simply the best song by Stone Sour! The melody is so beautiful and so matured. Vote!

Stone Sour is one of my top 5 bands and it's really hard to pick just one, but this song has a really special meaning to me. I listened to this song (and the whole album) a lot while driving to hospital to see my dying son, who past away this year. This song still brings tears to my eyes.

Dwell upon the lyrics, the meaning and the feel of being helpless in his vocals, tune. Only then will know what it means a lot

Why is it so underrated? Best lyrics flows with the more than best tune

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16 Reborn Reborn

First Stone Sour song I heard... still the best.
It's not their most known, but it's definitely worth listening to.
Amazing vocals!

I dunno what this song's really about, bt I think its about some demonic thing! It's great though! XD

17 Taciturn Taciturn

Spectacular song of their last album. There's some spectacular versions of this song in acoustic mode! Check them out!

This song makes me feel happy...there is something magical about thins song but I don't know what! You must listen to this masterpiece

One day this song would turn the table towards itself

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18 Mission Statement Mission Statement

Brilliant song to get you pumped. It is most certainly one of the 10 finest song by Stone Sour.

Great songs, excellent riffs, great lyrics by Corey, what more could you ask more of band? It's also a pretty BA song as well.

This is song is criminally underrated. This and Through Glass are their best!

19 Last of the Real Last of the Real

Why no comments this song is great...for me the best epic chorus with epic riff

It's good but I really think it shouldn't be this high. I'd swap it for '30/30/150' & then swap it again with 'Influence of a Drowsy God'. And 'Hell & Consequences' should be higher too!

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20 Cardiff Cardiff

THis song should be in the top 5 in my opinion! Cardiff is one of my favorite songs by Stone Sour of all-time. Please vote for this amazing song! - johnpaularguelles

Awesome song... A man delivered/can never make his way in darkness/I know tonight will end/But I won't give this life away again. Words that I keep close to my heart when I struggle with the desires of past addictions.

This song has been played on my ipod 1 zillion billion times. I counted.

One of the best

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