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21 Aathi Enna Nee Song - Kathi

I really love this song for my vijay cute acting

I like the song and I fan the Vijay anna

Fantastic song

Wow what a song

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22 Thulli Thulli Mazhayayi - Paiya

Love this one

Sooper song. Feelings are expressed awesome. Acting Also...


Thullal song machchi

23 Vaanganna Vanakkanganna

Awesome vijay cute

Treat for all vijay fans

Vijay is our best heroo


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24 Mun Paniya - Surya

Exposing my desire which I hide from my partner without knowing to expose

One of the awesome songs in Tamil

Most lovable song

Love this song

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25 Mogathirai - Pizza

A really good song

Love this song

Wow...sean rolden...super

26 Ennodu Nee Irundhaal - I

This song proves that pain demands to be felt...

Very nice no words to say about the song

Wow what a song


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27 Thoovaanam - Romeo Juliet

I love my husband very much after hearing this song

Harrish ravi compo rocks


28 Anbe Anbe - Darling

I cry and very feel 2 listen this song...

I'm feel the song

Such a good song wow

Amazing song,GVP's voice is amazing

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29 Thodu Vaanam - Anegan

My favorite and love song

It's real love feel song

My favorite song and get lost when I hear it

Nice song

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30 Donu Donu Song - Maari

Just love this song. A Different composition


I like music

Thara maari...loved it.

31 Unnodu Vaazha - Amarkalam

One of the best songs in the Tamil cinema! Beautiful composition & soulful singing by Chithra ma! I love this song

My Favorite Song which can never beat any song in the WORLD.

My favorite Song eveR...

An amazing love song of Tamil with excellent lyrics

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32 Nee Partha Parvai - Hey Ram

Kamal and ashaji is just WOW! No one can come close to this song.. Forever...

Superb voice to kamal sir

Wow super romantic song

Illayaraaja the best.. Forever

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33 Raasaave Onna Kaanaatha Nenju (Female) - Vaithehi Kaaththirunthaal

It's a nice song and nice combination of chords

Really very nice.

What a voice...

34 Mulumathy Avalathu - Jodha Akbar

I like to dedicate this song to my wife

Best song ever, unbeatable song in the centuary

Love Srinivas sir's voice a lot in this song!

Super song

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35 Pookal Pookum Tharunam

I think this song must be there in top 10 songs of the world

Nice song... I used to sing this song when my affair comes in front of me

A beautiful song and a good composition

Mind blowing song

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36 Mun Andhi Chaaral - Ezham Arivu

I love this very much... So I voted for this song

One of the best songs composed by harris jayaraj

It reminds me of You

Too too toootoo too too tootoo

37 Aanandha Yazhai Meetugiraai - Thanga Meengal

I feel that I am there wit my father

A superb song relation between a father and a daughter

It a wonderful song about a feel of lovable father... I love it...

Na muthukumar

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38 Maanguyilae Poonguyile - Karakattakaran

One of the best song in Tamil.

Very nice song by isaignani

I like song


39 Nee Paartha Vizhigal - 3

Its more than a song to me

True love song touching in my heart

My ever favorite song

It's my favourite song...dedicated to my lover Hari

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40 Pirai Thedum Iravile - 3

Wow what a romantic song... I just love it

Such a fantastic song best romantic words I love it

It is very nice song

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