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81 Sad Beautiful Tragic

Hauntingly beautiful in my opinion.

I like this song because the way it sounds is so tragic sad beautiful!

This is probably one of the best songs in Red. It's so amazing how she uncovers a beauty in a tragedy. I really love this song.

This song is so incredibly SAD, the writing is BEAUTIFUL, it's TRAGIC how it's not higher.

Eh, eh?

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82 Welcome to New York

I've scrolled this down for Welcome to New York... This deserves higher. As a city (By "city" I mean metropolis cities.) girl, I love listening to this while walking through the most modern, busy streets at nights at cities like my hometown Hong Kong, or during trips at even more fantastic cities, like New York.

This is this low? Seriously? It is So New And Incredible! I Love Tay Tay and all her songs, But This IS the best! 1

This song makes me just wanna pack up all my stuff and move to New York! I will never be able to live with myself if she never releases this song as a single!

I like this beat in the song. It is catchy.

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83 Lucky You

This is the first song she ever wrote and I love it! It's beautiful and heartfelt and I'd love to know lucky herself. "angels above you ain't so fal away... "

Love this song! Shows how amazing her voice is without autotune! I wish they had it on iTunes!

I can't find this song and it is her first song so I want to hear it!

First song Taylor ever wrote. I love this song

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84 You Are In Love

This song's lyrics are beautiful, and I just love the bridge. "And why I've spent my whole life tryin' to put it into words."

"You can hear it in the silence/ you can feel it on the way home/ you can see it with the lights out/ you're in love."

Common! This should be at the top ten at least

I love every single song in 1989 and that's the only time I fell in love in a whole album. This should be higher!

I love how this is 83, the same number it peaked at on the Billboard Hot 100.


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85 Both of Us

This song is a duet which Taylor sang with B.O.B and its really awesome! The way taylor sings and Bob raps is awesome! This song is new and I approve it to all the taylor fans!

Awesome song, really! And B.O. B adds up the thrill. Been listening to it all day and still haven't got tired with it.

Best taylor feat song :D
And B.O. B also throws some awesome lyrics
Really people should listen to this song.. Its to goo

86 The Other Side of the Door

so amazing but doesn't get any air time on the radio :(

Mine and my best friends song, forever my favourite last minute and a half, especially the last 30 seconds, are incredible

87 Sweeter Than Fiction

If you haven't seen the movie for this then you need to put it on your to do list. The song fits perfectly and not only that it is relatable to anyone who has had a life like the boy has in the movie please listen to it, it is amazing

Amazing song, guys please vote for this one!

If you like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, you should listen to this song. It really deserves to be higher.

I love this song! People out there should hear it... It might just Chang their opinions about her.

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88 Permanent Marker

I just love this song so much! When I heard it for the first time about halfway through I was singing along and a few minutes later it was being downloaded onto my iPod. I showed this song to my best friend and she also loves it! I probably have 15 more songs by T-Swift on my iPod than I have of any other singer... If that makes sense. If you haven't heard this song do it now!

This song may have never been released but it sure is catchy! I listen to it on YouTube all the time!

89 Crazier

This song has been sung with feelings and expressions fused together.!. Man I believe that she has been deeply effected emotionally in her really life. No one can sing with so much of soul unless experiencing it an real life.

it has to be the first man!... how beautiful she sings the lines "you lift my feet off the ground, SPIN ME AROUND, YOU MAKE ME CRAZIER, CRAZIER.. "

omg... how come this song is so way below in the list.. its such a beautiful song :(

Great song...

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90 Tell Me Why

You're kidding right? 60th position? I mean this is one of my favorite songs from Taylor! Have you heard the violin it starts with? This is such an awesome song! VOTE FOR IT GUYS! Tell me why deserves better than this!

When my boyfriend proposed me he sung you belong with me and the second year he was with another girl the whole night I was crying and listening to tell me why and the forth day I asked him about the girl he told she was his sister. All day back to December. Now I sung all the romantic Taylor Swift songs to him and now I am once again with him. All thanks to Taylor. Leave this matter. This is Taylor's best song ever.

This song should be in the top 10 for sure. I love this song so much. The best and the classic Swift vibe. This could be a outtake from 1989. It's THAT good.


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91 I Heart ?

I seriously love love this song. How can it be at 75? Just listen to it and you ll fall in love with it

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92 Superstar

This is wrong but I can't help but feel like
There ain't nothing more right babe
Misty morning comes again and I can't
Help but wish I could see your face
And I knew from the first note played
I'd be breaking all my rules to see you
You smile that beautiful smile and
All the girls in the front row scream your name

So dim that spotlight, tell me things like
I can't take my eyes off of you
I'm no one special, just another
Wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you
Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar

Good morning loneliness, comes around when I'm not
Dreaming about you
When my world wakes up today
You'll be in another town
And I knew when I saw your face, I'd be
Counting down the ways to see you
You smile that beautiful smile and
All the girls in the front row scream your name

So dim that spotlight, tell me things like
I can't take my eyes off of you
I'm no one special, just ...more

Totally my story. This song is flawless and I love it.

This song makes me hella emotional
Perfect, flawless, absolutely spot on
And so relatable. ;_;

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93 Santa Baby

Amazing cover, never fails to disappoint me

94 White Christmas

Her vocals are just incredible

I really like this song!

95 The Best Day

This song is so good... I really love how in all of Taylor Swift's songs, definitely including this one, she sets up a story that the song delivers and this story is a really sweet one!

I think this is one of Taylor Swift's best songs- I cry every single time I hear it! It reminds me of my relationship with my parents and how some kids never even had parents to care for them... I just love the lyrics of this song, and I think it deserves to be at least in the Top 10.


. This song is so me. I have an awesome relationship with my mom. I don't know if you know but when Taylor Swift was 13 she asked her friends if they would go to the mall with her. They said they were busy so her mom took her to the mall. When they got there she saw all of her "friends" there! That's so rude like what my friends did to me. Yesterday was Halloween. Well my friend had a Halloween party and invited everyone except for ME! I was so hurt. She said she would of invited me but she "ran out of room". It happened for three years now. My friends are always mean to me. I knew them for 6 years and they were all I have. I think it's over now.I don't know who I'll talk to now in school. I'm a teenager in high school and I have one thing to say... I love you mommy! Thank you for cheering me up and always being there. Thank you Taylor also for letting me know I'm not alone on ny own.

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96 Beautiful Eyes

It's a seriously good song... I love it,. I recommend it to all Taylor Swift fans please!

"Your here,
Your eyes
Are looking into mine.
So baby make me fly"
Aw, this is like the cutest song ever.

I love the melody...i don't kniw why but this song sounds tooo right to me.
And the lyrics are amazing as usual

97 This Love

How is this song so far down on the list? It's one of the best songs by far. The lyrics are hauntingly beautiful.

I don't usually comment or rate but what the hell is this song doing at rank 123? It completely pains me to see this wonderful ballad being unnoticed. Along with clean both songs are the most underrated of 1989. Top 20 deserved

WHY IS THIS SONG ONLY 122? It's so good. I mean, it may not be lively like Welcome to New York and Shake it off but it's probably one of the best songs in 1989. Actually, it's hauntingly awesome.

BEST SONG ON 1989 - Heyy7868

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98 Stupid Boy V 1 Comment
99 Superman

! I know that only few knew this song.. Please, try to listen it.. Such a nice song, gosh really love it! Taylor you rocks.. Just love this song...

52 is way too low for this song! This is the best Taylor Swift song in the world and I listen to it all the time! It's just that no one knows about it because it was only a single and never aired on the radio. But trust me, this is THE BEST Taylor Swift song in the world!

What are you talking about!?! This is the best song Taylor Swift has written!. The only reason you've never heard of it is because it was never on the radio or anything! Please listen to it! You will fall in love with the song!

My 2nd favourite song...oh yeah!

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100 Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

I really love this song

Perfect music

It's a perfect song when someone has ditched you or pissed you off. Also it has amazing beat and a superb pop song by taylor 😍

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