Best Team Fortress 2 Medic Weapons

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1 Crusader's Crossbow

Definitely worth it. A great healing weapon and damage dealer.

Arrow Heals Your Friendly From A Long Way

Was it worth creating this weapon which uses the huntsman to create it


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2 The Kritzkrieg

Good for going for a push on offense with a soldier demoman or heavy

The Kritzkrieg (Crits change) And Too Good For Used To Heavy Or Demoman
25% Fast Uberchange Start

The best medigun for defense(when you are in red team)...It has useful taunt which can save you from bleeding or from afterburn when you have low health...25% ubercharge rate is big deal because you can get uber for like 30 seconds. SORRY for bad english :D

3 The Quick-Fix

It's a great weapon since people aren't going to be over healed much in he heat of battle, if you use anything besides this at mid-game, you are a bad medic. only downside is uber

Highest healing rate, you match rocket jumps, scout speeds and demo charges, and you have an uber that triples the already insane healing rate. The halved overheal is kinda a drag, but it's still great. - psychiclion

Really fast healing.

Good for carrying your team full of gibuses on 2fort.

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4 Syringe Gun

Great syringe gun if your not going battle medic the passive health regen helps a lot. Although maybe not as good as the Blutsauger but still reliable

5 Medi Gun

Gun that shoots a beam of health.

Medi Gun is the best all around you can not get killed at all and it is a good pair with the ubersaw all around good weapon

That A Medi Gun (UberChange) Cannot Taken Damages
For That 4th I Have

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6 The Ubersaw

5 hits = Uber. And if you have one currently have an uber deployed you can keep it going by hitting people.

Bar none the best against other medic melees.

Pair up with another medic, so the other medic heals you, while you get hits with the ubersaw, then switch and give him or her an uber, then vice versa. Then you'd be on a killing spree.

Crits, and gets you free uber. What's not to love?

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7 The Vaccinator

How could this be first! This is pretty bad.

Do I really need to explain anything here...

Kind of bad because what happen when you have everything coming you can't block it all so all around the medi gun is the best so you can block everything

The sounds it makes are a nightmare when you have a headache, but it is a fantastic medigun. - MechanicalMechanism

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8 Bultsauger

This weapon has basically no downsides, because it says 2 damage per second on self, but the medic itself does heal 3 health every second, so you get 1 extra health each second, not bad. And you can kind of beat a heavy with not medic because you can keep shooting and getting health. I'm surprised that it's not in the very top.

This deserves to be 2 it gives you 3 heathl
Per syringe has rapid fjre so that is op

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9 Amputator

Its great in medieval mode, and the 3 health you gain every second effect just makes this thing totally OP

Taunt Heals But Not Fast..
When You Taunt, Enemy Will Kill You And... The Bonesaw Better Then All Melee Medic

10 Bonesaw

Without over complicating things, it is a big saw.

For Fast Attack (Defeat The Blue Team Used That)

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11 Solemn Vow

That Not Very Good But You'll See Enemy Health :D

You get to see enemy health. I rest my case...

This is a straight upgrade to bonesaw! You can see the enemy health and you still deal great damage. No downsides. Best medic melee ever - SinancoTheBest

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12 M1

This button allows you to heal people. You should press it.

By far the best medic weapon.

13 Vita-Saw

If you are starting to build up an uber and you get killed, this will help a lot.

Ubersaw Better Then That
When Have 100% Uberchange And You Killed
You Will Have 30 Or low Of Uberchange

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14 Overdose

WRONG all it does is speed you up which is stupid because you are fast anyway

I love hearing overdose fans complain it is very bad no question.

Worst syringe gun of all time it has a 10% damage penalty and replaces that with 10% more speed when u have FULL UBERCHARGE it might be good if it was a passive speed boost and it's unlikely that u will have full ubercharge unless if it's the beginning of the round but even so u need the weapon out for the speed boost

On kill adds uber.

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15 The Gauzed Gaze

The best cosmetic to wear. It helps you get crits and makes you faster

16 M2

Uber eats

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