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1 Roxas

Literally my favorite in the saga. His backstory, his desire to be his own person, even the relationships that he forms with, Axel, Xion and Namine. And in the end, he gives up his "body" to become a part of Sora again. Roxas showed a great struggle and he overcame it. He's also the only Keyblade Weilder who wields two blades and it doesn't hurt him at all that he's played by JM! Roxas has always had a special place in my heart ever since he came into the Kingdom Hearts world. He is by far the best!

Roxas is my favorite character most likely because my brother played kingdom hearts 2 first so Roxas was the first Kingdom Hearts character introduced to me. I also like his sad tale and hopefully in Kingdom Hearts 3 he will become his own person in some way and fight alongside Sora and Ventus.

Roxas and Xion. That's it they love each other, they are compatible and who cares. You can tell they love each other. Wanna know how? Roxas cried for her. CRIED! Nobodies are not supposed to feel emotions, but they did and Axel too. Cause they all were best friends. Still axions death, and Roxas's death was so sad. The saddest for me, hey I cried man. I love them as a couple. But hey that's just my opinion...

Roxas is by far my favorite character ever in the KH saga. I always loved his backstory and how all he wanted was to be his own person. His determination, drive and friendships were, and still are, super inspiring. I hope he has more than just a slight cameo in KH 3, but who am I kidding! Even if he does only get some slight screen time, I'll still be uber excited! Here's to you Roxas. You inspire me. (And who his voice actor is doesn't hurt either! )

2 Sora

The first time, I've heard about Sora was on a Death Battle Sora vs Pit. Sora won, I went and check him out since then I fell in love with his character. He's full of life and can sing, dance and cook in the games. Is there anything he can't do instead of understanding computers?
When I heard Sora's adventures and how he handled things. I think I developed a crush on the main protagonist out of the whole Kingdom Hearts.

Sora is unlike any other character in Kingdom Hearts in the sense that he wasn't given the Keyblade by an Inheritance Ritual. He earned the Keyblade. He wasn't even the one originally chosen by the Keyblade... he earned that right by having a strong heart (stronger than Riku's who the Kingdom Key originally chose). This alone makes Sora the greatest character in Kingdom Hearts. No one else really worked for the Keyblade like Sora did. Yes he had Ven's heart, but Ven's heart was not why the Keyblade returned to Sora, it was the strength of Sora's own heart.

Sora has an optimism that really grows on you, and the love he has for ALL his friends is so strong it's hard to not like him. Sora is a goofball who can be clueless at time, but that makes him relatable because honestly haven't we all been clueless as to what is really going on in the plot at one point or another?

Other than the fact that he is the de facto protagonist, his never-give-up tenacity; his commitment to his friends; and his infectious kindness make Sora not only the best Kingdom Hearts character, but for me, maybe the best video game character of all time. This kid is a hero that reminds you to believe in good.

3 Riku

Riku might be the most dynamic character in the entire game. He lets himself be taken over by darkness thinking he was doing the right thing to save Kairi and Sora. He is then overwhelmed by this power and is enveloped by the darkness that is Ansem. Following this he sacrifices himself in the realm of darkness to redeem himself for the mistakes he made. After that he goes on a quest of self discovery to cope with the darkness he has looming in his heart...which is a darkness that was brought about by good intentions. He eventually lets this darkness overtake him again so he can save his best friend once again. Then he follows him throughout his journey trying to help him, but stay away so he doesn't hurt him any more than he already has. He eventually overcomes his darkness and fights alongside his best friend to close Kingdom Hearts once again. Then in DDD he overcomes the darkness in his heart and learns that there is both darkness and light in each heart and it is keeping that ...more

Riku is one of the few characters to appear in every game. He goes through several different stages in the games. In the first game, he's manipulated easily into accepting darkness and going against his childhood friend while in Chain of Memories he's determined to fight his darkness no matter how hard it is. In Kingdom Hearts II he's ashamed of his failures but still is fighting the good fight. Finally, we observe in 3D that he's determined and persistent in keeping darkness out of his heart forever. he is the only true dynamic character of the series in my opinion.

Riku shows us that past mistakes don't have to rule your life; they can be what you need to be stronger and a more developed person. He shows us that light isn't always good, but darkness isn't always bad; sometimes we need a bit of both. To me, he serves as the strongest moral maker of the entire game. We should instill a bit of Riku into our everyday thinking.
He isn't afraid to admit what his mistakes were either. This along with his subtle humor, mysterious aura and curiosity makes him a well-rounded and very interesting character (and by far my favorite in the game).

Riku is without a doubt, the most selfless kingdom hearts character. Even in the first game he dedicated himself to trying to save Kairi, but got lost in the darkness whilst doing so. Then, him closing the doors to kingdom hearts and keeping himself locked in was such an emotional scene. Then there was kingdom hearts 2 Riku, who gave up even his own appearance just to help Mickey and save his friends. Sure, Sora is still a good hero, but Riku just goes more deeper then Sora ever could...

4 Xion

I love her! I love her depth! I find her to be a very well developed character. She's my favorite for many reasons, but the range of emotions she felt towards her existance and towards her friends, despite being a nobody, is something really special. She also shares traits of sacrifice and selflessness; much like many of the other kingdom hearts characters. have.

Don't worry xion return in kingdom hearts 3
And made everyone excited and sad.
Xion is easily one of my favorite character.
Xion finally got reunited with axel/lea roxas. Roxas x Xion is best relationship.
Both Xion and roxas spend time together
In organization for very long time.

Xion is strong and sweet. And Believes in being her own person! The Organization calls her a puppet, but if they put her back on the game she can prove herself to be more.

Xion is my favorite due to the most tragic death in the whole series. also I like the way she was looking for answers. I was actually the same. except I didn't die.

5 Axel

I like the fact that Axel never gives everything away. He seems snarky, quick-witted and a joker on the outside. Yet in reality, he sometimes uses this as a facade, a way to hide the fact that all he wants is to be happy and to be with his friends. He might lose his friends and end up lonely otherwise. That's why he acts so cold to Saix (whom used to be his best friend) when he had to choose between his two current best friends.

I love Axel he makes my Top ten. I just don't understand why he had to die. Sure he did it for Sora and Roxas so they could survive to be with their family and friends and so Sora could be with Kairi but... It's sad. I miss him. I love him a lot as a character he helped Sora out a lot and he was good... R.I.P. axel

Imagine both Axel from Kingdom Hearts & Axel Chains fighting each other!

Axel (kingdom Hearts character) & Rouge the Bat (Axel Chains's tall arch-rival) vs. Axel Chains & Yoshi (Axel Chains's friendly rival).

Honestly, I was kinda sad and interested watching his character, 'cause you can tell that he accepted being a nobody, but his jokes hid the sadness of that truth that he felt.

6 Aqua

Master Aqua was not a flower, not even a fierce kind with thorns.

She was...

Enduring. Like her name. Strong like water, a force, an element. A stream that may dry seasonally but never truly die. Swells that bow to storm but briefly, returning to stillness as they please, churned by greater currents, driven from within not without, describing timeless perpetuity. If impeded, she would flow around. A soothing light, of protection, sheltering. A fearsome foe, inexorable, unpredictable, ever-changing, merciless. Necessary for life, but capable of taking it too. Indifferent? No, above caring. A spirit to be propitiated. Primal power. Like Sora; if he was the sky, she was the sea. A fanciful duality. Together, none could withstand... Erosion for all permanence.

She was...

Waves faithfully seeking shore.

Master Aqua is not a flower, not even a fierce kind with thorns.

She is...

Enduring. Like her name. Strong like water, a force, an element. A stream that may dry seasonally but never truly die. Swells that bow to storm but briefly, returning to stillness as they please, churned by greater currents, driven from within not without, describing timeless perpetuity. If impeded, she would flow around. A soothing light, of protection, sheltering. A fearsome foe, inexorable, unpredictable, ever-changing, merciless. Necessary for life, but capable of taking it too. Indifferent? No, above caring. A spirit to be propitiated. Primal power. Like Sora; if he is the sky, she is the sea. A fanciful duality. Together, none could withstand... Erosion for all permanence.

She is...

Waves faithfully seeking shore.

Aqua is incredible. Her play style is unique and she seems to be the most calculating protagonist, despite the unfortunate effect of pushing her friends to distrust her for her support. I admire that she doesn't give up on her partners and that she provides us with a lot of important exposition on the mythology of Kingdom Hearts. In the shadow of Sora's journey, I am *very* much looking forward to the re-introduction of Aqua into the main storyline via Kingdom Hearts 0.8 and Kingdom Hearts III.

I think she's interesting enough to carry her own title as the main character. Perhaps there's hope for a future Aqua game? I believe so.

Aqua is currently the first of every playable character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise who can successfully keep the darkness in check and has shown to be a true Keyblade Master. Not only that but being the first lead female gives her so much development to the point where she's arguably one of the strongest characters in the whole series and a good role model to boot. She's the Master of Magic, she's beyond any other character in the series so far in terms of magic, in fact, her magic is technically limitless considering how she can infinitely use Reflect as a shield. She made it the farthest and has continued to search for her friends ever since the final events of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. She has a belief in unbreakable connections, she is brave when facing enemies and her determination to find her friends is arguably unmatched. She may be a damsel(a beautiful one indeed) but you'll be the one in distress if you face her in combat

7 Ventus

He has been my favourite from the begining, he looks like Roxas but he acts like Sora, love his friendship with Terra and Aqua, his alter-ego Vanitas it's such an amazing villain and now that he is a dandelion I think he will be even more important that we thought.
Xehanort and him are the origin of the whole KH saga.

The best one!, Sora and Roxas are what they are because of him.

The boy smiling, even though having just half his heart...

He is like Roxas, but better!

8 Kairi

Kairi had to be one of my favorites because she is pretty. Kairi is also loyal like Sora and very kind and caring.

Sora should be number one, and Kairi should be number two.

Kairi... One of my favorite characters

She's a female sora

9 Xemnas

Xemnas was only beaten because good always wins. If good never won xemnas would have beaten sora and riku hands down. Then the only way xemnas could be defeated would be for him to fall off his bloody high chair.

Best bad guy in kh. Also totally handsome and loving that deep voice.

I really want there to be an audio book in Xemnas' awesome deep voice

Xehanort's Nobody. He is very crazed and wants a heart like crazy, sending Roxas out to collet hearts for... KINGDOM HEARTS! Purely evil. One of the favorites.

10 Mickey

Mickey is ine of my fas because he us King of Disney Castle and a Keyblade user. He uses all his power for good watching over Sora and Riku throughout all their journeys.

He's the only character in the series with an actual distinctive fun-loving personality AND a complete serious badass!

He's saved almost every single characters asses singlehandedly.

Mickey totally deserves to be in the top 10. He is the Disney poster boy, but totally awesome. He's been savin Sora and RIku long as anyone can remember

Mickey by far the greatest, most badass character! Disney Yoda!

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11 Cloud Cloud Strife, more commonly known as simply "Cloud", is a fictional video game character, the main protagonist of Square's video game Final Fantasy VII, which is a role playing game released in 1997. He also is the main protagonist of the high-definition version, as well as many of its sequels and spinoffs. more.

Cloud, your normal Buster-Basher Wielder, Ex-Soldier, Crime Buster guy... why not? If Final Fantasy wasn't popular, he should be popular here... Plus, that spiky hair :3

12 Xehanort Xehanort is a fictional character and the true primary antagonist of the video game crossover series Kingdom Hearts by Tetsuya Nomura.

Ah, Xehanort the bad guy who is actually a good guy. Xehanort just wants an equilibrium of darkness and light so there are no more heartless and whatnot. Meaning no more kingdom hearts games. So Xehanort is just pure evil but still bad a**.

13 Terra

He has one of the best stories within the entire series, the aspect of his ideals conflicting with his actions, the fall of a true hero yet still fighting against the one who took over his body. This is the tale of the fallen hero, and the fact that his actions affected the rest of the series is also important.

He's gullible(extremely) when it comes to bad guys and doing the right thing but he has a good heart. Ventus would have already been dead if it wasn't for Terra. If he was as strong as lingering will, he would have beat Xehanort's bald self.

Original 3 Keyblader Wielder... Birth by Sleep. Turns to pure darkness.. But uses it for good.. Hmm the connection

Roxas-Sephiroth-Terra.. Next?

Terra will come back. Believe in Terra. One day, he will set things right.

14 Namine

The most loyal, trustworthy and altruistic of all Kingdom Hearts characters yet very underrated and people seem to look down on her. Her character development went to be very good. She was held captive, being manipulated and abused by the bad guys to do bad action but she repented at the end and it was revealed that her loneliness made her to be that way. She had helped Sora, Roxas, Kairi, Riku, Mickey, Xion, Axel, Ventus, Terra and Aqua and a lot of times without their knowledge. It's really sad knowing that she kept blaming herself and was drowned in the sea of guilt. Overall, Namine is the epitome of kindness and a rare kind of girl in this series. A hufflepuff who don't like to show off. She is NOT a witch that everyone call her as but an angel in disguise.

She is very calm and is willing to help others of their needs as well as having a strong heart and emotion.

I think she's the most underrated character people don't realise how great she is.

People don't realize how awesome Namine is. She's the best of them all and has the most tragic story

15 Donald Duck Donald Duck is a cartoon character created in 1934 at Walt Disney Productions. Donald is an anthropomorphic white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He typically wears a sailor shirt and cap with a bow tie.

When I had no way of healing myself, Donald saved my butt numerous times with his Cure spell. He put Sora before himself every single time, sometimes causing himself to get KO in the middle of battle. This little magician needs to at least be in the top ten.

For the people who say he doesn't heal you... Maybe It's because you have never healed him? In my game, in every boss, he has healed my right on time. During Ursula, he used his last MP to heal me, and then got KO'd. He always helps me in the nick of time!

What!? Donald isn't in the top ten? It's bad enough we can't play him, now this!?

16 Xigbar

There's more to him than meets the eye, no pun intended. he's always been a character with large ambitions well concealed and after KH3, we know that's true beyond a doubt.

He's hilarious and just fun.

Looks like he's gonna play a big role in the future of the franchise

17 Goofy Goofy is a funny-animal cartoon character created in 1932 at Walt Disney Productions. Goofy is a tall, anthropomorphic black dog with a Southern drawl, and typically wears a turtle neck and vest, with pants, shoes, white gloves, and a tall hat originally designed as a rumpled fedora . Goofy is a close more.

Goofy is the only character who isn't melodramatic (like all the anime boys), useless (like all the Disney characters), a whiner (like Donald), or a certifiable idiot (like Sora). Goofy is consistent, cheerful, clever, and competent.

He almost died that moment was powerful sheen your playing as a young kid a long time ago. He's great though I mean it's goofy

Always gives it his all and lasts longer than Donald. I used valor form way more than wisdom form.

18 Vanitas

He looks just awesome, how he talks, his movements, his quotes, it's like a badass sora, he is awesome.

When I first saw him, I immediately thought of Red X from Teen Titans. Probably the mask.

Vani is awesome! he was though and cool. He was just used by the baldy grandpa,his existence must be return to kh3! he can be an awesome villain and if he can be an ally..that's super cool then! Must have that Vanitas!

Vanitas has a really sad backstory that not many no about he's one of the most interesting kingdom hearts villains there is.

19 Luxord

Luxord is my favorite character from this franchise both for his fight scene and how he is taken out - plus he has the most psychological and philosophical quotes in the entirety of KH. "The fun is in not knowing, isn't it? What is the point of betting on something when you already know the outcome? " & "I'd rather we just skip the formalities." & "One must hold one's cards as long as necessary." & "Come now, are you really so unsophisticated that you'd decline a gentlemanly conversation? " & "You were born for these sorts of games... A wild card. You've earned it. Hang on to it. Could turn the tables." & "Perhaps he was ready for it. Perhaps he put his existence on the line, and won what he'd been longing for... Then perhaps he bet his NON-existence. Either way, he came out a winner. Oh, Axel. A grifter till the end." All these quotes and more from the amazing Gambler of Fate who is my favorite character - what a show-stealer to the very end.

20 Marluxia

I have a big gay crush on this man. I love his voice, hair, character, themes, weapon, pink, and his boss fights. He's probably the most unique feeling character to me as a Kingdom Hearts final boss, I just love everything about him.

The main bad guy of the most underrated game I'm the serious by far. Enough said

21 Ansem the Wise

Ansem is one of my favorites because he is a master of disguise because he went under cover as DiZ and was half good and half evil.

22 Demyx

Demyx has a musical instrument (a sitar) as a weapon... How cool is that?! On top of that, he controls water! Finally, his personality is amazingly hilarious (lazy, somewhat cowardly, and possibly smart/cunning (he was right when he said "Oh, we do too have hearts! Don't be mad..." It's proven in KH3D. He either saw through Xemnas' facade, or it was a coincidental ruse...) Talk about good character development! Besides the annoyance for some with his boss battle, what's not to love?!

23 Lexaeus

My friends and I feel that lexaeus was a good character. We call him "Captain Chin" because seriously, that chin though.

24 Chernabog Chernabog is a Disney villain from the 1940s film Fantasia, and in his segment, "A Night on Bald Mountain".
25 Sephiroth Sephiroth is a fictional character and main antagonist in the role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII developed by Square.
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