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81 Jellysickle
82 Sorry 'N SH*T
83 Loud

YEAH I BANG MY MUSIC LOUD! One of the best tracks on The Gates Mixed Plate, easily the third or fourth best.

I bang my speakers loud when Tech starts playing and you can bet my neighbors be telling me to turn down.

I love this song this song has serious beat and I turn my bass up for this song

This song needs to be higher in the list

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84 Fear V 1 Comment
85 Love Me Tomorrow

Just a chill song

86 Psycho Bitch III

Best on special effects. Needs to be top 5

Best track off Special Effects (WWC2 is overrated just because Eminem is on it).

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87 Technicians

How is this not high in the list this truely surprised me

Est is 1985 in KC on the bus ride from the 56th side...easily one of the best tracks on All 6s and 7s.

88 Nothin'
89 The Boogieman
90 Cult Leader
91 Thizzles V 1 Comment
92 Stars
93 Spend the Night
94 Now It's On

Best of the old songs by far in my opinion

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95 Get Blowed
96 The Industry Is Punks

Great song took bit to get into but great

97 Planet Rock 2k

This is where Tech N9ne set himself apart for goos

98 Harvey Dent
99 Absolute Power
100 Rock Yo Head
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