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41 Feng Wei

Surprised to see Feng this low. Tier-list wise Feng has always been in the top 10 or close to top 10. His low popularity is most likely due to his back story of being a master murderer whos just out for his personal gains. Fighting style wise he's a beast though. Hope they put more emphasis on story in T7

Feng should be in the top ten. He's way way way better then most characters above him.

He is a very good character with a strong and easy to use command list

Need a kung fu evil guy higher. He's been making small ripples within the Tekken world they should get bigger

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42 Bruce Irvin

Got that mma in tekken 5 that got that mma outfit

The best character in tekken

Muay Thai. enough said

Kazuya's only friend.
He doesn't deserve higher, but he'll always be the one f'me.

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43 Lili Rochefort Lili Rochefort

She is like the best tekken character. plus I love her kicking skill. yeah she is kinda slow but she is powerful

If I was girl I would I want be Lili she has it all great fighting style and she loves fight it's like high for her and most of all she rich what can get better than that the blonde hair white dress and cocky attitude and money and limo If there was top ten list rich video games girls with crazy fighting style she would win and she has heart my fights are for my father u surely don't believe u can beat me can't see her in tekken 7

Very strong girl and I love her looks

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44 Doctor Bosconovitch

This Dr. , if used correctly and strategically, IS the best fighter in the series.

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45 Baek Doo San

His very annoying when my friend uses him especially when my friend keeps using his punches to stop me from attacking him.The only way l know of defeating Baek is using lei just basically fall to the ground and keep attacking him if you can. That is one of my best options on how to defeat him.

This guy is a beast, I always beat my friends with him and hwoarang on tekken tag 2, his kicks are both fast and strong

Hard to block all those multilevel kick combos

If Baek is just Chilling he could even attack 20 men.

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46 Miharu Hirano

Miharu does have same moves as XiaoYu but don't you think that if you master one of them, it means you mastered BOTH of them, to me : AN ADVANTAGE!

Another pointless clone character. She's also even more annoying than Xiao which is a feat to admire.

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47 Jinpachi Mishima

Arguably the strongest tekken character of all time, with insane power & such devastating combos that even some of the toughest characters can't match against. A debate between Azazel & ogre left to question, but in this case Jinpachi easily comes in at number one simply because he is just unstoppable.

He is the legend and he is to special like the powerful move that comes out from his stomach it's so hard to evade and you are only allowed to use him via cheats but now that tekken lets us use him in the tekken tag tournament but he can kick anyone's candy ass in Tekken go go go jinpachi

He is the best because hallo he has a mouth for a tummy

His combos deal tons of damage and he could beat any other tekken player if used well

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48 Ogre

His abilities are greater than every other character I can't understand how jin can beat him

Ogre in his final form unleashes he's true ultimate power

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49 Azazel

An unforgettable pathetic excuse for a boss. Ogre all the way.

Slow but MAYBE if you master you can use him great

I think azazel only exists because just for the sake of there being a giant monster to fight at the end of Tekken 6. I do think that devil Jin would have made more sense as a final boss than... whatever this is. [Insert azazel picture here]

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50 Lei Wulong

He is the most versatile fighter in the game. His five-form kung fu and drunken master styles are fancy-looking and gratifying moves. When you combine these styles with eachother, you can be invincible. Because your opponent will be confused what lei Wulong is going to do next time.

Lei Wulong should be #1. He is in no way a character to just button mash with. He is a character of cunning and it takes being a good tactician to truly master him. His Move set is robust and very satisfying when you learn to do switch up properly. The main reason why many people shy away from him is probably because they don't understand him. They are used to the classic Karate fighting styles and wrestlers. If more people took the time to Master Lei Wulongs fighting I am sure they would agree he belongs at top of list.

He's dope. His styles are fitting for every situation and his combination of high and low attacks prove him to be a very tricky opponent. He also looks cool with his ceremonial fighting robes and badass martial arts expertise.

He is my best player in all tekken.. jin is good but LEI WULONG is great. I love it.lei is best player. it will be in the number 1

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51 Akuma

Stronger than Kazumi Mishima, EVEN more powerful than Heihachi Mishima. What more can you ask for? - GameBro

New...let's give him a try

52 Robert Richards
53 Sebastian

Every rich person should have a butler who can fight. Just ask Rachel Alucard.

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54 Claudio

I really like saint/holy characters. Tekken need at least one considering that devil were included

His looks and power reminds me of Bleach Quincy. - Tia-Harribel

55 Unknown

If we all know that this is Jun Kazama, then it's not really Unknown if we know who it is, now is it?

The main boss is an evil Jun, what could be better!

I like unknown becouse she is nown as jun kazama and jun is my favourite charcter and she is the best girll ever and unknown is very strong and she is amazing and I love her

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56 Shin Kamiya

He is the best, Cool Hairstyle, Eyes, Body, Handsome, just perfect character and immortality. Shin Kamiya is Epic I want to play with him in Tekken.

57 Prototype Jack
58 Tiger Jackson
59 Monstrous Ogre
60 Ancient Ogre

Most badass character, very mysterious, looks awesome, doesn't speak.Made jin what he is today, heihachi underestimated him, his stance is just so awesome, and it says he understands all life. Epic

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