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81 Roger

Ay my name is Jackie legs and I've come to say hello... But on a serious note, guy can't catch a break. His own family keeps beating him up.

82 Tekken 4 Combot

Can't be so low rite?

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83 Violet
84 Devil Ganryu

Playable through glitch with tekken 6 ending

He can not fly.

85 Tougou
86 Kinjin
87 Kazumi Mishima

Kazumi does look good the stage music when you face Kazumi is awesome and it gets you in the fighting mood and it makes you really pumped up the music is called Devils pit. Kazumi in her Devil form in my opinion is not to great. Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin are the best in there Devil form.

88 Catalina

She's a badass with awesome kicks

89 Young Heihachi

Young Heihachi was good in TTT2 but I prefere the older experience Heihachi

90 Shaheen

A brand new Saudi Arabian character

He's the best fighter in Tekken 7, I love his fighting style and winning/intro quotes. His costume is also amazing :D

91 Gigas
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