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81 Kazumi Mishima

Kazumi does look good the stage music when you face Kazumi is awesome and it gets you in the fighting mood and it makes you really pumped up the music is called Devils pit. Kazumi in her Devil form in my opinion is not to great. Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin are the best in there Devil form.

82 Catalina

She's a badass with awesome kicks

83 Young Heihachi

Young Heihachi was good in TTT2 but I prefere the older experience Heihachi

84 Gigas
85 Tekken 4 Combot

Can't be so low rite?

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86 Devil Ganryu

Playable through glitch with tekken 6 ending

He can not fly.

87 Panda

Underrated and unique. If you plan on getting good with Panda/Kuma, expect to lose a lot at first. Once you master her, she's great fun to play, and very hard to predict

Panda is so cute she should be in the top 20 at least

Nobody gives a jack about Panda. Just a pointless Kuma clone.

Very underrated. Has amazing potential for mind games. Taking advantage of his low usage; people aren't familiar with his moveset. Watch Hankuma. Best Panda/Kuma player in the world

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88 Miguel Caballero Rojo

A very well-balanced character who has a good pressure game and a very entertaining and fun to learn way of fighting, street fighting to be exact. As one of my four mains (third in my rank) he is still one of the most satisfying and fun characters to use with a variety of moves that can confuse and pressure enemies if mastered and a good juggle and wall carry ability. A very fun character to use and who doesn't love his one hit death attack!?

Amazing, simply one of the best characters in tekken. Not only is his offensive style incredibly powerful, its also really fun to play with.

What?! This guy is a powerhouse! What is he doing so low?!

WHY IS MIGUEL SO LOW!?! He is so powerful and he is one of my favorites.

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89 Shaheen

A brand new Saudi Arabian character

He's the best fighter in Tekken 7, I love his fighting style and winning/intro quotes. His costume is also amazing :D

90 Ganryu

This guy may be fat but a guy to be admired.

Poor ganryu lol

He is very strong

This guy is THE best sumo in any fighting video game ever. From starting out as a weaker Jack clone, he sure has developed into a unique and deadly fighter. I Mained him just cause no one else did, and to see the looks on their faces when they realized they got owned by Ganryu! DOSUKOI!

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91 Craig Marduk

Why is he so low on the list. He may be big and easy to hit, but really he has a good move set, and is King's best friend.

Amazing guy, my favorite since tekken 5 should be at the top

Being trained in the art of mma myself he is my favorite character

Come on, getting the enemy on the ground is an easy way to win

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