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161 Kitty & Red Forman (That '70s Show)
162 Jude & Connor (The Fosters)
163 Oliver & Felicity (Arrow)

144th are you kidding?!. Best on screen chemistry I've ever seen. It puts all the other couples to shame. Olicity for the win!

164 Kurt & Karofsky (Glee)

Not canon, but with great potential.

165 Dylan & Emma (Bates Motel)
166 Zoey & Chase (Zoey 101)

How in the world are ZOEY AND CHASE so low? They're PERFECT for each other! Even better than Quinn and Logan! Move these two higher!

167 Fitz & Simmons (Agents of Shield)

Are you kidding me! They are my favorite couple in the whole world. (basically) It is the second best T.V. shown in the world and they are so cute together. - CatnissNevergreen

168 Jude & Connor (The Fosters)
169 Killian and Emma (Once Upon a Time)

How could anyone beat this couple! They have gone to hell for each other (literally) and are true love as they will always find each other. Killian is the only person that has never left her and stayed patient and loving, as Emma began to trust him after countless people leaving her, as she was abandoned her entire life. It isn't a sappy romance, Emma is still badass as ever and no man can stop that. There are a million things that should make Captain Swan number one on this list as they are truly the best couple of one time.

170 Hyde & Jackie (That '70s Show) V 1 Comment
171 Simon & Izzy (Shadowhunters)
172 K.C. & Marisa (K.C. Undercover)
173 Yuri & Victor (Yuri!!! On Ice)
174 Poussey & Brook (Orange is the New Black)
175 Rory & Erica (My Babysitter's a Vampire)

Rory and Erica Are My Two Favorite My Babysitter's A Vampire Characters! Rory Has No Other Real Crush Other Than Erica and Erica Was Into Benny For A Day (Only Because Of The Pharomones), and Benny Is Scrungy Looking! So Is Ethan!

176 JR & Sue Ellen Ewing (Dallas)
177 Krystal & Blake Carrington (Dynasty) V 1 Comment
178 Jerry Seinfeld & Elaine Benes (Seinfeld)
179 Elyse & Steven Keaton (Family Ties)
180 Billy & Alison (Melrose Place)
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