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1 The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah

The most representative song of the Therion's Style. No more words!

Out of all songs I have ever heard this has to be the best

Just the best therion classic song

The first Therion song I heard and the first one to hook me. If you need to recommed Therion to someone, this is the song to have them listen to!

2 To Mega Therion
3 Blood of Kingu
4 Birth of Venus Illegitima
5 The Siren of the Woods

WOW! This is an amazing song! One of the most beautiful and monumental song I've ever heard. - ThePretender

6 Asgård
7 Son of the Staves of Time
8 Wine of Aluqah
9 Lepaca Kliffoth
10 Ljusalfheim

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? Sitra Ahra

The Contenders

11 Son of the Sun

This one is perfect, sweet Harmony!

So good man. Should be higher!

12 Seven Secrets of the Sphinx
13 Ginnungagap
14 Summernight City
15 The Beauty in Black
16 Cults of the Shadows
17 The Wand of Abaris
18 Adulruna Rediviva
19 Gothic Kabbalah
20 Quetzalcoatl
21 Let the New Day Begin
22 Clavicula Nox
23 Lemuria
24 Abraxas
25 An Arrow from the Sun

This Song is in 36? - Ankon

26 Schwarzalbenheim
27 Uthark Runa
28 Midgård
29 Typhon
30 Der Mitternachtslöwe
31 Call of Dagon
32 Nightside of Eden
33 Evocation of Vovin
34 Trul
35 O Fortuna
36 In the Desert of Set

The last 50 seconds makes the song. - djh101

37 Thor
38 The Perennial Sophia
39 Kali Yuga, Part 1
40 Grand Finale/Postludium
41 Kali Yuga, Part 3
42 The Wild Hunt
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1. The Siren of the Woods
2. Lepaca Kliffoth
3. The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah
1. Blood of Kingu
2. Ljusalfheim
3. Son of the Staves of Time
1. To Mega Therion
2. Blood of Kingu
3. Asgård


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