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1 Live Like You Were Dying

This song will really get you living

2 Don't Take the Girl
3 Real Good Man
4 Highway Don't Care

By the way, this song features Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. It has the same (if not a similar) chord progression (one or more keys higher though) as Taylor Swift's song "Tim McGraw"! This might be more than a coincidence; maybe Tim is deliberately referencing that song. Anyways, I just love this song! - Katanaceilingfan

Whatever it takes, this should be No. 1!

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5 Indian Outlaw

It's so catchy! It deserves number one

6 It's Your Love

I love this song. one of his best. its in the right spot. - songwriter

7 Walk Like a Man
8 Last Dollar (Fly Away)

I love this song. I will never get tired of it - songwriter

9 Better Than I Used to Be
10 Down on the Farm

The Contenders

11 Back When
12 Something Like That

Reminds me of my first love more than anything. Love this song

Love this song - Jonerman

13 Over and Over
14 Suspicions
15 Please Remember Me
16 Diamond Rings and Old Bar Stools
17 My Best Friend
18 Humble and Kind

This was so sad but beautiful :')

19 She's My Kind of Rain
20 One of Those Nights
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