Best Tim Minchin Songs

The best songs by Tim Minchin, the genius of musical comedy.

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1 Dark Side

This is DEFINITELY the greatest Tim Minchin song of all. I also agree completely with this list :D

It change my life as I know it

Laugh out loud brings you back up when you sink down. Shout out to channixburton laugh out loud. Love you babe from maxwell

2 Storm

Nobody can top this. This is poetry at its very best.

3 Rock N Roll Nerd

Witty and catchy. This song has everything one wants in a comedic song. Really captures Tim Minchin perfectly.

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4 Prejudice

Very witty, love the way he has drawn you into believing something early on in the song before flipping it entirely

The intro scared me, I thought he was going to go too far but how wrong I was. Great song.

Tim is my hero!
I'm ginger!
And I actually believe that this song represents me.. Hehe
Even because I'm Brazilian, so, very few gingers here.. IT'S OUR WORD!

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5 Angry (Feet)
6 White Wine In The Sun

This song is just so beautiful, and a perfect combination of wit, humour and seriousness. I can relate to it so much. This is my favorite Christmas song by far.

Beautiful rendition of how his view of Christmas is different to others but he loves just as much.

Beautiful song about family. -

Absolutely Beautiful. It touches so many of us, who can relate to his tthoughts of family at Christmas. I listen to it several times each December.

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7 The Pope Song

Manages to both be funny and blunt at the sane time. Brilliant.

8 If I Didn't Have You

The most romantic song I ever heard

9 If You Really Loved Me

In the deep this song is very interesting

10 Thank You God

It's beautifully performed and written with Tim's signature cutting humor and sarcasm. An amazing blend of music and blunt humor that should be at the top.

I simple cannot believe this isn't first. It's an absolute masterpiece!

Great, great song. Funny and pulls no punches

Spot on

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? Confessions

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11 Not Perfect
12 Context

This song is amazing. I adore Tim Minchin but this is my number one song of his

13 The Good Book V 1 Comment
14 Peace Anthem For Palestine

Offending, but very funny. Musi Excellent. Lyrics: Funny, offending.
Repeats the lyrics "if you don't eat pigs, and and we don't eat pigs. Why not eat pigs together? " But has very good music. I love it!

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15 Canvas Bags
16 Woody Allen Jesus
17 Song For Phil Daoust

Hilarious and I know all the words to it now!

18 Fat Children
19 Bears Don't Dig On Dancing
20 Mitsubishi Colt

This would bring to mind "Storm". It's not is best, but it's worth a place on your iPod.

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