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1 Apologize Apologize Cover Art

It deserves tis place! As I like soft songs, according to me it's the best soft song ever! Great beautiful lyrics... Can make anyone senti! Love this song! Guys, go ahead vote for it! & share your opinion... Thanks...

Dis song makes me remember my past and makes me really fell apologizing... Great song with great music theme... Specially the chords of the piano

Never gets old because according to the saying "Old Is Gold"
Rare song and awesome lyrics deserves to be on the top.

Amazing and inspiring lyrics with is still awesome today! Deserves the top spot forever!

2 The Way I Are The Way I Are Cover Art

This is a close on between this song and Apologize but I think The Way I Are should take the top spot because the song has a better vibe to it and the beat is awesome oh and Keri Wilson and Timbaland of course did amazing. Apologize is too slow paced for my likeing so it should be second.

This is one of the greatest beats in history of music and this song was made in 2007! The versus are very VERY good and the chorus is also excellent but you can't help it but THE BEAT IS JUST AMAZING!

The best song he ever produced, fantastic beat on this, it's between this and Apologize for top spot but I'd say this should be top since Apologize is a One Republic song.

This will always be his best song because of the legendary beat it has, the genius lyrics, the catchy chorus and the awesome singers in it.

3 If We Ever Meet Again If We Ever Meet Again Cover Art

This songs raise my moment of happiness and makes rejoice every time I listen to it. This is the best song from timbaland with katy perry adding elegance.

Awesome song! Katy Perry and Timbaland rock in this song. The best of Timbaland.

Great song so full of life and I love the way the video id taken very nice.

Awesome 1... Great contribution by katy perry.. Excellent tuning. It sould have been no. 1 song

4 4 Minutes 4 Minutes Cover Art
5 Pass at Me Pass at Me Cover Art

It's a David guetta song..
Features timbaland and pitbull

Awsme combo(Pitbull, Timbaland, Guetta).. Video is good too...

6 Say It Right

"Say It Right" is one of my favourite songsī¸.

7 One and Only One and Only Cover Art
8 Elevator Elevator Cover Art
9 Bounce Bounce Cover Art

I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! This should be no. 1. It WILL make you move.

Its must be n 1

this song make me dancee
shoul be no. 3

10 Give It to Me Give It to Me Cover Art

Come on. Seriously?! Just works better. One republic? Behave.

Seriously this is the best song!

Catchy as hell.

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11 Carry Out Carry Out Cover Art

Carry Out is a cool song from Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. It is very catchy especially the chorus. But if you listen to it too much you can get a little bit sick of it.

I have got sick of "the way I Are" but never got sick of this carry out

How is this not even in the top 10, this is the best

I actually like this a lot =P

12 Maneater
13 2 Man Show 2 Man Show Cover Art
14 Time Time Cover Art
15 Throw It on Me Throw It on Me Cover Art

Never heard such a fun song

16 Promiscuous Promiscuous Cover Art

Can't believe dis is towards the bottom...

17 Morning After Dark Morning After Dark Cover Art

Love the beat, the video and the faces he makes while singing.

These lyrics are sick on top of it the music.. It makes me move

Its one of the best, can't believe it can't even reach top 10

Morning after dark ft nelly furtado ^^ soshy. Nice song! The music is unique... Will make you dance. The video is nice too.

18 Ayo Technology

No QUESTION about it, easily the best song he's ever been involved in. This has the best beat and Justin Timberlake makes this one of the best songs in all of 2007.

19 What Goes Around... Comes Around
20 Sexy Back
21 Scream Scream Cover Art
22 Say Something Say Something Cover Art

With a combo of Drake and Timbo you can't go wrong. This is one of the sickest rap songs of all time with the best beat!

23 Wait a Minute
24 Give It a Go Give It a Go Cover Art

I started listening his songs after I came through this amazing song..
Very catchy too...simply amazing...go for it..

25 Long Way Down Long Way Down Cover Art

Should be in top 10's should be!

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