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21 Boomin'

In my opinion the best song to get me going and ready for the day. I love how it's slow then fast and loud then slow again.

Because were boom in out the stereo system this goes out to anyone listening

Also should be very high on the list - anonymous1

So good, listen to it lots!

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22 Break Open the Sky

This song just makes you want to fly!

23 O Come All Ye Faithful
24 This Christmas (Joy to the World)
25 Do You Know
26 Hold On

My top five for sure

Very uplifting and catchy!

My favorite song,

One Word For This Song, BEAUTIFUL!

27 Forgiveness

Tobymac and lecrae work wonders in this song! Love singing it with my family on car rides

This song should be higher on this list!

It is close, but as my opinion this song is the best!

Me and my friends just can't stop singing it

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28 This Is Not a Test

This should be number one it is a great song. I think the reason people do not like it is because it has nothing in it about God.

Love this song so much... My third favorite how in the name of cars is it not in the top ten!?!?!?!

This one climbed up almost thirty spots in under a month thanks for supporting

How is this 64 it's my favourite one

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29 Family
30 Feel It

Electronic Music-Oh yeah!

This is my jam right now

Best Song

Top three

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31 Catchafire

I'm changing #7 on the list to Get this party stated

The list should go:
1. Catchafire
2. The Slam
3. Boomin
4. Gone
5. Tonight
6. J-train
7. Unstoppable
8. This is not a test
9. Diverse City
10. Stories (down to the bottom)

32 Unstoppable
33 Move

Can't believe this isn't top ten

On the charts I mean

Way too low

WHAT! Why in the name of cars is number THIRTY-SIX! This should so be in the top FIVE!
P.S please take my hint maker of this list :/

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34 Phenomenon

A really awesome song. Can't be beat, nor can you find a song that sounds like it. Anywhere

35 Changed Forever
36 Showstopper
37 Til the Day I Die

How is this NOT the first song on here!? It's so good!

Love love love love

Love this song

" yeah Til I die and they put me in the coffin
Doesn't matter if I'm at my home or I'm on a calling
Tell me what you think about me that really ain't important
What I'm reprisenting if who I'm for
I only got one life I'm not kidding through
This is not an act, not a movie, not a T.V. show!
Not to ground me and put me in the studio
Do it for the king whatcha now about that say your going harder
Um I doubt that
Say you gonna work but they ask you where they couch at
How ya gonna work when your at the couch, huh?
God is not a crutch that you can use him when ya wanna
You only look to heaven when you're going through some drama
And you're going through some problems
And that's the only time you call him
Guess I don't understand that life
Cause I'm all in...

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38 Tru-Dog
39 Diverse City
40 Momentum
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