50 Ways to Say Goodbye


Best Train song yet. Funny lyrics and I love the music at the beginning! I personally think should be #1. Hilarious music video too. This song inspired me and is the first song by Train that I heard. This is what made me start liking them. Definitely worth listening to.

Fantastic combination of Train voices full band sound, bass and metal with flourish of Mariachi trumpets. One of the most innovative contemporary pieces.

This is first song I heard from train and now I listen to it like all the time... During my bath... When I eat... When I sleep... When I ride. Whoa! This song really really really ROCKS! - shp021196

Best song ever. I love the way the song compiles both music and humor which catch listeners giving them a good reason to put a smile on their face...

I set this song on repeat and I don't know how while I was sitting on the computer, I heard to it for 13 hours! If there is any song that deserves to be first, this is the one. At forst I couldn't stop laughing at this song, I literally loved it that much... Even my brother said I was addicted to the song!

Ugh it's one of the best song I ever heard, sounds like a Mexican music. The lyrics is kind of funny (describing how his girlfriend die). :D

Love the lyrics I laugh every time. I like the flow of the lyrics as well. Such a good beat. One of my favorites downloaded on my ipod

My third favorite song ever! Can't beat tobyMac, though. Absolutely best Train song! I know every single word to it.

I love the beat to this song and my daughter loves the video especially the quicksand part. Thanks

Best Song Ever... Must be at #1... My All Time Favourite Song... The BEST... Must Listen...

This song is awesome cruzum!. Should listen to it. It's great. Best song by train.

I have listened to this one album every day for the past three years LOVE it

The music video has David Hasselhoff in, it can't get much better than that!

This song should be top 3 or something. One of the best song from Train!

Listen to the "Phantom of the Opera" and tell me that it isn't copied

One of the best songs in the world. Definitely Train's best song

This is the greatest driving song ever. And Train's best song

A very melodious song with funny lyrics.. I just love it

Love this song by Train! Best song when I'm sad catchy.:(

Awesome :D. I think I killed the replay button ;)

This is a great song and should be in top 2 at least

I absolutely love the chorus. It's so catchy!

Awesome just heard it can't stop playing it

I can listen to it day in day out just love it

Awesome song! Catchy tune. A big thumbs up!