Hey, Soul Sister


Need I explain? If You've heard the song then you know how awesome it is. Love it. Its great to dance too and a classic. The guy's voice goes really well with the music. It's an amazing song. Listen to it. Love it a lot.

This is a real awesome song... Train is q very talented band... This kind of songs are which I look for and like and train is perfect for me... This song rocks and the lyrics are very cute... Every1 should listen to this

I love this song because when I was younger that was the only song I really knew. It was my favorite song. I love the video with it. I memorized it and then my brother learned it and it became his favorite...

Drops Of Jupiter comes really close but cannot beat that feeling I get when listening to Hey Soul Sister. It honestly gives me butterflies. Distracts me from the world around me.

I LOVE hey soul sister, I know all the words and just hearing it makes me want to get up and dance. I love you Train, you sure beat Justin Bieber and One Direction.

One of the best songs ever... Just makes you feel good about life... One song everyone should listen to.

This was always my favorite ever since my showed it to me. I didn't know it would be first. I know all the lyrics to it. I just love it so much. Here I will sing some.
Your lipstick stains on the front door of my left side brains I knew I wouldn't forget and so I would of let you blow my mind. Was that good or what.

I love this song it makes me think about my girlfriend because its our song it's an awesome song. Catchy, great tune, great lyrics. I love it

Totally awesome! I wish that train could make more songs that are as good. Keep recording, Train! I love you and you're great songwriters!

This is one of those rare songs that has the ability to just turn our day around and make a normal day superb!

LOVE this, its timeless

Amazing song- fell in love with it earlier this year and it hasn't ever got old. my all time favourite song, its beautiful

It just keep getting better, continue climbing and making more good music... I love you and the guys... You're the best...

Can there be a better love song than this? The lyrics, the voice, the music.. It all takes your breath away!

Love love love this song. The melody sure captured my attention on the first time I heard this song.

I love this song so much! It never gets old to me and love the lyrics it shows how beautiful Train is!

So "happy-go-lucky" can not help but smile whenever it comes on the radio. :) See I'm smiling now!

Its really re-freshing and fun to listen. Gives such hope. The guitar and those strums... They are really soulful...

I actually really like this song - Jonerman

THIS IS AWESOME! I really love this song and listen to it at least twice a day

A very touching and an excellent song. I recommend everyone to listen it

My friend and I both like it, but I didn't know it would score THIS high.

Hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight!

The song just simply makes you happy

Good lyrics plus excellent rhythm makes it an awesome song

Love this song it's the best!, and it rocks like a rockstar! (gt)