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21 Give It All

I don't know why but this song is so beautiful

The best song from their newest album.Its lyrics are sooo much touching and beautiful that it always makes me feel good.

22 Shake Up Christmas

This song no matter what... Will get you into Such a HAPPY MOOD...
The Rhyme, lyrics are all beautiful...
And it celebrates the the spirit of Christmas

Just listening to this song makes you happy, even stuck in snow.

If this song was a potato, it would be a good potato.

It should be in second place, such a great song

23 Hopeless

I personally got attached to this song from the time I listened to the full track. It has this feel of wanting to get close connection, but it shows how love can be hard to show even when there is so much that can be shown. Definitely has become one of my favorites.

24 This Ain't Goodbye

This song is for sure the best Train song. I'm a huge fan of their music, and I've listened to all of their songs. The combination of the beautiful sound of the violin, with such amazing lyrics, it's a song that can not be topped. Definitely my favorite Train song, and I even go so far as to say that it's my favorite song altogether.

Such a beautiful song. If you haven't heard it it's worth listening to. It makes me really sad but is absolutely fantastic and deserves more recognition.

The emotion in this song brings tears to my eyes. Not the most popular but one of, if not the best song by them

Excellent work. Unlike most other emotional songs by 2000s rock bands, this one actually has a lot of substance to it. Should be much higher.

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25 Free

Remarkable song. Vintage Train. - andrewkennethjose

26 Words

THis is a beautiful and touching song :).

27 I Got You
28 To Be Loved

WHAT THE HELL? This by far is their greatest song. And, it's even used in a movie. Please listen to this song and vote this up the list. It should be number 1

I like this song more than some of the top 10 songs! I think it's a more unknown song since it was in the soundtrack for a movie that wasn't very popular.

This song made me love train. I started asking about them the first time I heard the song

The lyrics are amazing and the beats are so catchy

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29 Save the Day

Very underrated song, really good beat.

30 She's on Fire
31 Play that Song

You better play that song

Played this song every hour of today!

Honestly the best song ever


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32 This'll Be My Year

Brings both happy and sad memories, so much power in a song, Totally ROCKS!

One of my favorite songs they've done, great lyrics and story in the song.

The Lyrics totally rocks. One of my most favorite songs of all time.

Awesome song with great lyrics and music - can't stop listening to =D

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33 California 37
34 I Am

Most people, if they even know this album, think that Meet Virginia is the only good song to come off it. But there are so many other great ones, like Free, Homesick, and Idaho. I Am is at least the second best song off the album. The lyrics are well thought out, and the harmonica adds a great element to it. It also has a very memorable chorus that can get stuck in your head, but in a pleasant way.

One of their early hits and definitely one of their tops songs. Great lyrics with a country kick to it. Fans will love it - andrewkennethjose

35 Feels Good at First
36 Cab

Best song by Train. I can't believe it's not in the top ten!

One of the best songs by Train..should be in top 10!

37 It's About You

this song is better then If It's Love or Meet Virginia - samuelMCL7

38 Sing Together

It's such a cute song. - Pluma

39 Mississippi

Maybe not typical of their music but definitely the best Train song. Takes me to a summer night with the moon and stars out. And your first love of course.

This a great song! Should be way up this list, man.

40 You Can Finally Meet My Mom
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