Best Trance Songs

To find the best trance out there for the best trip ever!

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Monster (Remix) - Astrix Monster (Remix) - Astrix Cover Art



Strobe - Deadmau5 Strobe - Deadmau5 Cover Art

Deadmau5 isn't trance, he's house. Still a good song though.

True guys... This deserves a number 1... The prelude... The progression... And all in all the greatest drop!

Just one word - STROBE

Come on guys! This is number one for sure! Deadmau5 at his pinnacle? What else could you want?

No One Ever Dreams - Astral Projection No One Ever Dreams - Astral Projection Cover Art
Greece 2000 - Three Drives Greece 2000 - Three Drives Cover Art

This is the best trance ever made..

It is the best Trance music I've ever listened to

Definitely the BEST Trance music EVER produced!

A Few Minutes After Trancefer - Klaus Schulze
Shamanix - Hallucinogen Shamanix - Hallucinogen Cover Art
Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom Cover Art

It is a blissful, psychedelic musical adventure that is so superbly produced with heavy metal, psychedelic trance and acoustic music all blended in beautifully.

The best I've ever heard for this list

It's just so good! So much variation and great parts throughout the song!

Best music of my life!

Mahadeva - Astral Projection Mahadeva - Astral Projection Cover Art

Hw come no one has'nt voted for this masterpiece...just amazing...Enjoyed it with weeds & loods...

I am amazed seeing that at the top of the list.. Trance is supposed to take you in a trance state, not make your head ache with psycho sounds.. Not saying all that new thing is not cool..but that's not trance. This is real trance.. Get your priorities ryt people

L.S.D. - Hallucinogen L.S.D. - Hallucinogen Cover Art
Sugar Rush - Man with No Name Sugar Rush - Man with No Name Cover Art

The Contenders

Traffic - DJ Tiesto Traffic - DJ Tiesto Cover Art

Best on this list

Tomorrow - Cosmic Gate Tomorrow - Cosmic Gate Cover Art
Urban Train - Tiesto & Marc O'Tool Urban Train - Tiesto & Marc O'Tool Cover Art

Real trance.

Tell Me Why (The Riddle) - Paul Van Dyk Tell Me Why (The Riddle) - Paul Van Dyk Cover Art
We Came in Peace (Desert Mix) - Dance 2 Trance We Came in Peace (Desert Mix) - Dance 2 Trance Cover Art
Phase III - Porcupine Tree Phase III - Porcupine Tree Cover Art
Kabalah - Astral Projection Kabalah - Astral Projection Cover Art
Saeed - Infected Mushroom Saeed - Infected Mushroom Cover Art
Silence - Delerium & Sarah McLachlan Silence - Delerium & Sarah McLachlan Cover Art

You might as well rename this list "Best Psychedelic Trance Songs" because that's all you have over here other than Scary Monsters and Strobe. Silence isn't psychedelic, but it's an amazing song. This topped DJ Mags Top 1000 trance songs list and is a complete masterpiece no matter how you look at it.

Tiesto mix a masterpiece old Tiesto..

Age of Love - Age of Love
The Wave - Cosmic Gate
Intense - Armin Van Buuren Intense - Armin Van Buuren Cover Art

Great tune!

Its intense

Children - Robert Miles Children - Robert Miles Cover Art

This is Trance Masterpiece. Nothing can beat this track

This should be higher

Top 5 definitely!

My sweet chilhood!

Quark - BT Quark - BT Cover Art
Sasha's Voyage of Ima - BT Sasha's Voyage of Ima - BT Cover Art
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