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1 Shogun Shogun

No. As much as I love Ascendancy and In Waves, none of them have the musical qualities that Shogun does. Shogun combines the metalcore-styled screaming and melodies of Ember and Ascendancy with the thrash based elements of The Crusade. The result: a masterpiece in modern metal. Shogun perfectly demonstrates Trivium's technical ability and songwriting ability. I mean, listen to the title track. 11 minutes of pure musical genius! I'm sorry, but Ascendancy is nothing compared to Shogun

Glad to see this album sitting at the top. Their previous album scared me off a little bit (I liked them for being a great metal core band, not a Metallica imitation) but this release brought me back into the fold. Hell, I even went back and listened to the crusade and started to warm to it a bit more. This album is just so strong. At the time, some people considered it to not have many standout tracks but I think people confuse that with it simply being very consistent.

The second to none and stellar riffs of Kirisute Gommen to the magnum opus of Shogun the final track. This album is goosebumps from start to finish. It's just an absolutely perfectly produced album with the tailored quality of the early Metallica, where you cannot just help but listen to the album straight through. Ride the, Master and... And Justice with a blend of modern core elements and influences. Regal vocals, brilliant vocals and musicianship. Ever since I first listened to this album I've been bragging about it to everyone who will listen. It has even broken up a relationship because I listened to it over her. I have listened to it several hundred times to date. I never listened to the Special Edition until Spotify. Even on there it's my favorite and most listened to album and music.

I can listen to this album over and over and never get tired of it. Every song on it is fantastic with "Down From The Sky", "Shogun", and "He Who Spawned The Furies" taking my favorites on this album. This album is actually the reason I decided to buy a 7 string and I'm glad I finally did it so I can learn this masterpiece of metal music.

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2 Ascendancy Ascendancy

Unbelievable creativity, great riffs, memorable songs. It's more metalcore oriented, which, in my opinion, is a way to go for Trivium. Trash oriented albums never quite did it for me. Also, In Waves is such a great album because it was written in a similar manner as Ascendancy, in terms of ambient, creativity and energy.

Shogun was rated number 1? Ascendancy is a Metal Album for Legends. When this album came out metal gods that had been in the business for a long time would be hard pressed to release anything of this caliber! Don't get me Wrong Shogun is a great album but nowhere near the degree of Ascendancy.

There are few albums you can listen to from start to finish and declare every track a hit. This is one of them!

Every track is so good, Trivium are the greatest

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3 In Waves In Waves

In Waves their best album. Just listen the title track, Black, Built to Fall and see the dfference. - Nimbusman

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4 Vengeance Falls Vengeance Falls

Every song on this album is a work of metal art. It combines strong Gress of progressions and beautiful melodic leads that create A powerful instrumental unlike anything I've ever heard. To back it up the lyrics on this album are very well-thought-out and Matt Heafey clearly went all the way with his vocals. The guitar solos on this album are melodic, fast, accurate, and credibly intense. The two bonus tracks on this album are quite possibly the best bonus tracks that I ever entered my eardrums. Vengeance falls as my personal vote for the best album of 2013!

It's a masterpiece! Heafy's vocal skills in this album are tremendous.. Songs like through blood and dirt and bone, strife and brave this storm make this album even better

A Trivium album is always better than the previous. This is no exception.

Most consistent album in my opinion.

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5 Ember to Inferno Ember to Inferno

It tears my eyes to see that Ember To Inferno is less appreciated then The Crusade. 'As this world comes to its grim end, blind pray to God to make them men, as all hopes crumble truth's unveiled, the world we know is an abysmal hell'

Shogun and Ascendancy are my favorites, but Ember To Inferno is better that In Waves the crusade and Vengeance Falls

This needs to be at least number 4. The Crusade is good, but this is better. Vengeance Falls is not that great, either. - Illuminati323

Ember to inferno is trivium's sixth beat album...haha yeah

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6 Silence In the Snow

Silence in the Snow is a departure from a lot of what was unique about the Trivium sound in the past, and for that it will never be a Trivium fan's favourite album. I personally love the direction that the band is going with their sound because I'm not too much of a fan of the growling/screaming in previous albums. Musically, it can probably be described as more mainstream.

I love the album and I think it's great, but it doesn't have the sound that Trivium had in the past.

Honestly, I prefer Shogun and Ascendancy. This album however gets my vote. Very well written songs, Heafy's vocal coaching has clearly worked well. Though this album is a departure from their norm, it certainly is a step in a very positive direction. In time I am sure this will move up this list. Vote Silence in the Snow.

This is just amazing. Give it time. - EvilAngel

Not sure why this is rated lowly, it may sound more mainstream but to me it just sounds like some good music. I borrowed this album from the library (yes, I'm old fashioned) and hopefully I can renew it as many times as possible! Love listening to it in the car.

Matt heafy is a good guy, too. Just thought I'd add that.

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7 The Crusade The Crusade

One of the most misunderstood albums in music history. Trivium rose to acclaim with Ascendancy and this was one of the most anticipated records of 2006. What does Trivium do? Create possibly the FARTHEST thing from Ascendancy on purpose, which turned most people off. Listen to Detonation, Becoming the Dragon, Entrance of the Conflagration, The Crusade, Tread The Floods, Anthem, this album really is better than most remember, and definitely deserves more attention.

I'm in love all of Trivium's albums; it all started with silence in the snow as soon as the title track was released, it was great. But this album had me hooked. Every chance I got I was replaying this album. The beautiful complexity of the instrumental, the speed of ignition, the classic sound of anthem, and the epic screams in becoming the dragon were contributors that put this in my top 10 favorite albums of all time.

People hate on this album because of the vocals but musically this is their most solid record and you don't need to scream to be heavy I love this album shogun is a close second

It's close between the Crusade and Shogun. The Crusade just seems more special somehow... I don't know why.

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8 Trivium Trivium Trivium are an American heavy metal band from Orlando, Florida, formed in 1999. After getting signed to Roadrunner Records in 2004, the band has released seven studio albums and nineteen singles.
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