Best Two and a Half Men Characters

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1 Charlie Harper

I can't even watch two and a half men with ashton kutcher... Its pathetic... Charlie was perfect for this role and he was hilarious and we all love him... Worth every cent and thank you for the laughs Mr Sheen

2 Allen Harper

I love Alan. I love the fact that everyone keeps looking down on him but he kinda finds a way to prove them wrong in the end. His face expressions are just hilarious and his whole persona is awesome.

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3 Jake Harper
4 Berta
5 Evelyn Harper
6 Rose
7 Judith
8 Herb
9 Dr. Linda Freeman
10 Kandi Harper

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11 Walden Schmidt
12 Melissa
13 Jerry
14 Bridget Schmidt
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1. Charlie Harper
2. Jake Harper
3. Allen Harper
1. Charlie Harper
2. Allen Harper
3. Walden Schmidt



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