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1 Tony Hawk Tony Hawk

Hawk was my motivation when I was a skater back in the day.. I never made it pro or anything.. but growing up as a skater and then surfer later in life has taught me to respect life and enjoy every moment to the fullest. I will still hit the vert on occasion.. even at 40 years old.

He will and always be the greatest skater of all time.

He was real good but not the best. He was the best at selling the sport.

Best Ever!

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2 Tas Pappas

Aussies who dominated they were the number 1 and 2 skater in points while Tony was 3. Tas was gonna do the 900 but for some odd reason he wasn't in the same match as Tony Hawk when he landed it. He was always in the Best Trick Category. He also beat Tony with a shattered rib. Don't believe me watch All The Mayhem on Netflix

Tas Pappas and Ben are the best at vert hands down. Tony couldn't do the giant air while flipping his board. To lanky

Watch "all this mayhem" on netflix. The pappas bros were the best! Tragic story for their family and a bit about skateboarding selling out.

Changed the game.

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3 Bob Burntquist

Not only one of the best, but in my opinion, the most humble and appreciative!

He landed the fakie to fakie 900 and in tony hawks secret skate park tour he bob is one of the best skateboarders ever! Also he landed the christ air back flip!

Bob burn quits should be first
He can land the narliest tricks ever

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4 Pierre-Luc Gagnon

Pierre is a great vert skater now a lot of people like Tony which makes since becuase he was a pioneer to vert skating but why bucky lasek has as many votes as Gagnon I'm not sure of. Pierre's style is made up of street tricks on a vert ramp and deffinatley deserves copying. Bucky, I like ya but you gotta go!

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5 Bucky Lasek

Bucky is the Best. He just needs to relax and take his time sometimes. I notice that in some competitions he is under a lot of pressure (which is totally understandable) but he get really pressured and needs to not let the stress get to him. I'm not clowning at all. He can do so many difficult tricks that very few skaters anywhere can do. Throughout competitions he blasts some really complicated tricks but most of the audience is not aware of the difficulty of the tricks. By that I mean he does a lot of tricks switch, fakie, or just adds a cool twist into it but the crowd overlooks a lot of them. They just see a spin or flip that looks cool and they cheer.
My point is, YOU ROCK BUCKY!

6 Danny Way

By far the most talented vert skaters ever and still holds many records

Most motivated focused skater in history

He is the one why I am skating everyday again

A troubled God among mortals.

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7 Andy Mac
8 Sandro Dias
9 Alex Perlson V 2 Comments
10 Shaun White

Shaun white on top 5

The best after tony hawk

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11 Ben Pappas

No 2 in the world for a reason. Career cut short due to being caught with cocaine.

Tas and little brother Ben the best period... Use to kick Phoney Tony Hawk on a regular, but Phoney Tony was more marketable than the Aussies bad asses

12 Christian Hosoi

Come on Christian started it all

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13 Pedro Barros

he was no. 1 in x-games 16! he should be 3rd and Andy Macdonald should be 2nd after tony hawk!

14 Jake Brown
15 Grant Taylor

Speed. Gnar level 100.

16 Curren Caples
17 Adam Taylor
18 Rob Lorfince
19 Andy MacDonald

He is the best and even got the medals to prove it. He got more medals than any skater at the X-Games. The total of his medals are 22. He should be up the with Tony Hawk.

20 Giorgio Zattoni
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