World is Mine


This was my first Vocaloid song and is what officially got me into more of Hatsune Miku's songs and led m on to the other Vocaloids! World is mine is a cute little song about a childish Miku singing about her boyfriend and how she thinks she deserves his heart than anyone else, and describes all of the things he should do for Miku as they are dating. At first, Miku sounds a little stuck-up and selfish, but then you realize she only wants to confirm that her boyfriend loves her. This song completely wins my heart for Hatsune Miku and her music! It will always remain a classic!

This is the best vocaloid song different than butterfly on your right shoulder I know people who start liking vocaloids because of this song, and lady gaga posted a tweet in April 2014 bout miku and she also sent the link of this song World is Mine it should be the best I'm

Sure maybe by the end of summer or end of the year vocaloids will be even more popular and will have even more fans, I always listen to this song and willing to try playing this on my clarinet when I tell people about vocaloids I usually tell them to listen to World is mine or Triple Baka furst vocaloid song I listened to

Hatsune Miku's World is Mine is so catchy like a lot of her songs and I used this song to introduce my friend to Vocaloids! Miku is amazing and this is a great example of that fact, also, if you are going to watch a music video for it watch the music video from Project Diva, it is awesome!

Whoever keeps voting for this has not heard much Vocaloid. -__-

I hate this song, EXCEPT when Nekomura Iroha sings it! Her voice is perfect for it, and it isn't annoying like when Miku sings it. Miku's voice is meant for some songs, like "Unfragment" "Memory" and "idiolect". It was not meant for this one. But I do like the lyrics, and how satirical they are meant to be!

The first vocaloid song I ever heard. It instantly got me hooked on the whole fandom. It's so upbeat, the dancing is awesome, it's catchy, and the lyrics are really cute. I'd love to be able to dance the whole song or sing it all! Miku is amazing!

I can't chose between World is Mine and Romeo and Cinderella. They are both really good sons but if I had to chose one I would chose Romeo and Cinderella because First I listen to it before World is Mine and second I listen to Romeo and Cinderella more.

It's the best song ever and it isn't depressing like Rin and Len songs, Its about her being a sassy diva and flirting with her boyfriend and having fun. It's a very upbeat song and you will want to dance to it in the shower laugh out loud

This song is what actually introduced me to vocaloid. Since then, I've been listening to other vocaloid songs other vocaloids (does that make sense? ) but since this is what introduced me to vocaloid, of course this is my favorite!

I might sound basic, but "World is Mine" is a great track and my favorite ever Vocaloid song. The melody is magical and memorable and the chorus and the verses are so addictive and catchy that you'll never get them out of your mind. - animefan2017

I think that it is because people can't watch World is Mine in America because of the YouTube blocker. So many people think other songs are better, cause they have pictures that tell a story that is better to understand.

Like a lot of others, this was my first Vocaloid song that got me into it. But also the lyrics explain quite a few feelings that are relatable! Such as wanting people to notice you changed something, or wondering what they really think. Also, a lot of people seem to dislike Miku. Granted, she isn't the best (Rin & Len! Whoop! Whoop! ) but she still must be respected!

World is Mine was the first vocaloid song I've ever heard, and pretty soon I was sucked into the vocaloid world. And I started discovering all these other vocaloids besides Hatsune Miku. I think this song may have done the same thing to others as well =3

Love this song! IT's amazing and it is also the first vocaloid song I ever heard. IT's absolutely addicting and intriguing to listen to. I just couldn't stop listening to it over and over again. Hatsune miku is by far one of the best vocaloid programs!

I love it! This is the best song I ever heard in vocaloid, I'm falling in love with miku voice, and I think she is super cute :3

This is probably one of the most popular Vocaloid songs created, with over 10,000,000 views on YouTube. It's an amazing Vocaloid song overall.

The first vocaloid I listened to was destined to be Miku. She will always have a place in my world of music.

World is Mine has such a captivating musical style that's different from all other Vocaloid songs I've heard... Definitely deserves the top spot. Although Meltdown is also a phenomenal song, World is Mine is sung by Vocaloid's main representative, Hatsune Miku, and it is also written by the main composing representative: Ryo.

Wow, I'm surprised that World is Mine isn't first. On YouTube it has 15,771,654 views. It's not my favorite - to tell the truth, I don't know why it's so popular - but it's catchy and it sticks in your head.

This was my very first Vocaloid song, and it was really catchy and great to listen & dance to. Servant of Evil, it's not THAT great or anything, or at least not as good as World is Mine.

This song is so good! Miku is one of my (many! ) favourite vocaloids, and I love the story of the song... Miku is amazing in "World is Mine"!

I really like the tone of Miku's voice in this song. It perfectly fits what the song is talking about, a spoiled princess. This song is one of my favorite! - rockygirlly

IT'S THE BEST VOCALOID SONG I'VE EVER LISTENED TO (not really I mean other songs are good too.. ) but really this song should be the best song! It's really cute! It's very catchy too

While Yellow is my favorite song period, This song is special to me as it led me to discover Miku and vocaloid and that is something I am always grateful that I discovered

I love the song world is mine because its talking about instead of being treated like the shy one you should just stand up and tell your girlfriend or boyfriend this is how I want to be treated.

Absolutely an amazing song. Also from a technical view, it is great. The chords are really complicated and fit the atmosphere, the instruments play a lot of different melodies and do a lot of different things, the brigde is really good and the lyrics are really funny (look up the translation ;)). THis song never bores.