Kagamine Rin

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Kagamine Rin & Len are humanoid personas voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.


YES I'm SO GLAD RIN TOPPED MIKU! Miku may be the most popular, but her voice is definitely not the best in my opinion, but she does sound good in some songs :). But rin is way better than any Vocaloid, she and Luka are my favorites but Rin is my ALL TIME favorite. Especially in Meltdown, she's amazing with her cute hair and adorable voice that's high but not too high.

Rin's voice is unique. When I hear her sing, I can always feel the emotions and feelings in the lyrics ( Even though I can't understand a single thing ) And she can sing different types of genres. I already heard other Vocaloids sing high notes but I think Rin is the best hitting them, it's just so natural and powerful. I personally like Rin and Len's version of Magnet better than the original. I like Len's voice too, specially in Spice. BUT I REALLY LOVE IT WHEN THEY SING TOGETHER

Rin is just so cute, and sure she's a little crazy, but she so entertaining ~ Please vote for Rin-Chan.

Kagamine rin is the best I tell ya! Her songs are beautiful and has lots of meaning sometimes I watch her songs like Kokoro or regret message I just cry to it then I watch her funny songs like I can put my pants on I laugh. If she were real then I'd love her to be my friend

Rin has the sweetest voice in my opinion. It has this cute touch to it which most vocaloids lack (Miku could have had it, but her voice is too grown up, and Yuki's voice is too childish; both don't compare to Rin at all). Some songs by Rin that I would suggest are meltdown and Ievan Polkka by Rin.

Personally I think Rin puts in way more emotion than Miku. Paper plane and Kokoro made me cry, and I don't cry! Unlike that spotlight hog Miku! When I listen to Miku I'm just sitting there in my seat, BUT when I listen to rin I'm like, " OH YEAH! THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN MIKU WHOOP! " Though people mostly thinks she's mean, she's actually very cute, fun, caring, and epic! So please vote for Rin-chan! :D

I love her voice! Gumi is my next favorite but she only has one tune of voice that sounds appealing, while Rin's voice varies and sounds amazing almost always! Every since I saw Rin and Len, I threw away Miku and started appreciating them. The reason I voted Rin was to get one of them to the top but Len has a similar variety to his voice. Rin is like a Miku but better! She was made to over throw her so of course she has a great voice! She deserves to be on the top of this list!

Rin is my favorite vocaloid EVER! And my favorite singer EVER! Her voice is so cute and pretty and her songs are so AWESOME! Meltdown and Kokoro are my favorite songs, LISTEN TO THEM! Rin is so cute and deserves a chance to SHINE BRIGHTLY IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! I LOVE YOU RIN!

Rin's voice is unlike any others. Her voice is filled with so much emotion that other VOCALOIDs simply don't have. She can sound powerful in one song and cute and innocent in another. RIN IS THE BEST VOCALOID!

Rin-chan! Again! You're the best! I love your cute high toned voice! And I also love your good high quality songs! Why does everybody loves miku?! When I can hear all your songs without getting bored at all!

I love the twins because they're voices are so cute and not too high pitched like Miku's. Also, Len's voice isn't too deep because he isn't older yet, and it sounds just like a little boy. And rin sounds like a little girl. They both sound great together.

I like Rin's voice a lot. It can be squeaky at times but her voice is so powerful, she can hit high notes, and it is really energetic. It sounds realistic like a little child. She may not be best at singing some songs but usually her voice is great for happy upbeat songs along with scary or other kind of music like that. I don't think her voice suits calm songs but that is just my opinion.

Rin Kagamine has a voice of an angel in fact I think in her songs, covers or whatever that she is better than miku even if I'm a huge fan of miku no offense. But she is my favorite and Len. (i notices this no one put rin and len I'm sorry len I love you! 2

In my opinion, Rin and Len should be put as the same choice. Whoever voted for Miku and NOT Rin is both stupid/crazy, and is going to face my wrath.

She has unique songs, and an even better voice. Her voice fits most songs she sings, and has good pitch. She's better then Hatsune Miku any day if you want my opinion.

Rin is my most favorite person in Vocaloid history! She is so pretty, she has the perfect voice to almost everything, and she is in the most beautiful, sad, evil and happy songs! Perfect for a Vocaloid!

I love Rin because she can sing most anything! For example, she can pull of a dark song like Tokyo Teddy Bear or Abstract Nonsense, a happy-go-lucky song like Melancholic or Sweet Magic or a sad one like Soleil or Kokoro, or even downright creepy songs like Fear Garden! - SueDonom

I'm just like Rin, but that's not why, she's my favorite vocaloid, so is Len, but Rin has less than Len, so I feel sad for her.

Rin has such a cute voice that just hits the ear in an amazing way! Her songs are really good as well, she can pull off innocent or evil. Melancholic is awesome

I love both the twins, they're cute and fun and just adorable! Rin's voice is high pitched like a little girl, but it's not as high pitched as Miku's even though she's younger, which is what I love about her!

Personally, I am just really fond of her voice. Her songs, especially mixed together with Len's, sound wonderful with the right producers working on it. I am in love with her character and the stories she takes part in. But even without those, I just prefer her voice altogether.

Kagamine rin's is just so cute and melodic! I really love her voice! She's the best! Kagmine rin yay!

I think rin is way much better than miku I think she and len should be number one instead of miku but I just don"t get why people like miku more than rin I think miku should just go and die.

I love Rin! She is so adorable. Her voice is so powerful, not sweet and timid, but full of energy. I love Len too but between the two of them I like Rin better. If miku has the voice of an angel than Rin has the voice of a God. Go Rinny-pooh!

There's a reason why I love Rinny. Her voice is high and strong at the same time, can be sweet, cute or even boyish sounding when needed. It's different from the other Vocaloid who have high and squeaky sounding voices! It's just not fair for them to make Miku's voice sounds so real and always having new versions of her just because she's the first Vocaloid.