Megpoid (GUMI)


It was a hard choice for me to choose GUMI. There were many others on this list that I wanted to choose (like OLIVER, SeeU, so many others! ), but I chose GUMI because she just seemed the most fit for me.
I do like GUMI's design, but that had nothing to do with my vote, because I like every VOCALOID's design, haha...
Her voice is easily able to convey emotion. She does great in high AND low notes, and her voice can be very powerful or very soft. GUMI is honestly one of my favorite VOCALOIDs.

(Now a lot of people are saying Miku is overrated, but that isn't true at all. Miku is just sort of... overused. Don't get me wrong, her voice is very good as well! But she's most likely the most popular VOCALOIDs out there! Due to this, people use her a lot more than they use others! So please don't go saying Miku is overrated! )

My absolute favorite vocaloid! She has such an amazing voice, and it's more understandable than the likes of Luka or Rin. (No hate to them, I just can't understand their voices in the few songs I like) Gumi is one of the best, and her vocal range is immense! I can barely sing "Copycat" without nearly screeching. (Might be just be, I have a kinda low voice) Seriously though, the end of "Copycat" is so high, and yet so beautiful! And while her voice is easy to understand, it still sounds Japanese, and has very nice pronunciations. An amazing singer, and one of my favorite vocaloids. (Sorry if I messed up on some things, I'm not the biggest vocaloid fan. I only like a few songs.)

She sounds realistic doesn't die as much and when you adjust her voice it doesn't sound like another vocaloid

I don't hate GUMI, but I hate how you guys judge a vocaloid's voice by being realistic. Just because it's realistic doesn't mean it sounds the best, I'd rate her as 8/10 actually, her voice is not actually interesting, but I still like her. Yes, she does have the most realistic vocaloid voice, but if you want realistic voices, you can just listen to real humans, they sing better too, don't tell me they're autotune and stuff because there are still singers that don't use autotune. Back to the topic, some of GUMI's sing are pretty good too, like ECHO. GUMI can sound good having robotic voice too.

She has a realistic voice, a wide range and she sings all sorts of song. She sings love songs, silly songs, dramatic songs,...
And she's totally badass!

A favorite voice of mine for a long time, Gumi has an ability to sing in a cute voice, a sexy voice, and anything in between. It has an amount of huskiness that can fit every genre.

Gumi's voice is very versatile as well, hitting high notes without any piercing thinness and going down low without sounding like she is impersonating a bear. She has great vibrato and a lofty tone that always makes me smile. Unless it's a sad song.

Her voice can be powerful when it needs to be and soft and mellow too. Very realistic and hard to screw up.

I absolutely love Gumi's voice. It's so realistic! I remember first listening to vocaloids and I just wasn't used to it because I was used to raw voices, not synthetic voices. Gumi helped me with that because her voice is the perfect mix of a raw human voice and a synthetic computerized voice. Also, she can bring emotion into anything. And I know this has nothing to do with her voice, but I love how she has green hair! Somehow she manages to make it actually look cool.

Ok, I swear last time I looked at this list, Gumi was first. I personally think she should STILL be first. But, that's not the point.

Gumi is capable of singing any song, from funny songs to more emotional songs. And, her voice is so realistic and amazing! Her voice is very unique and beautiful, and it fits any song.

And, Gumi is so adorable...

Gumi has a very clear and beautiful voice. She can also sing ANY type of song at all and it sounds wonderful! I've never heard a song from her that doesn't fit her voice! And I've had that problem with other vocaloids. It sort of makes me sad how the main "vocaloid crew" is always Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Meiko, and Kaito... Why not Gumi? I believe that if any vocaloid could overthrow Miku, it's defiantly Gumi!

Rin and Miku are only higher than Gumi because people like their characters, so they vote for them. Let's all be honest to ourselves here. Rin's voice is screechy and robotic and Miku's voice is sometimes too high to listen to comfortably. Gumi's voice is calm, but still powerful. Gumi's voice is also extremely flexible, allowing her to sing any song with ease, and her voice is the most realistic.

GUMI was my first Vocaloid, and was an instant favorite for me. Five years after listening to "Cowardly Montblanc", this still holds true. Megpoid has a beautiful voice; it's ideal for many different genres and her range is fantastic. Her English is something to behold, too. If it weren't for GUMI's voice, I would have never bothered listening to another Vocaloid song ever again... And boy, I would have MISSED OUT! GUMI was, and still is, my favorite Vocaloid!

I've listened to many Vocaloids now from various different companies but Megpoid or 'GUMI' is by far my favourite female.

She really stood out to me when I heard her. I think she sounds quite realistic and she has a certain amount of power behind her voice that means she can really get across some strong emotions in the songs and carry herself well over what may be otherwise intrusive backing.

I love how she can effortlessly fit into everything from soft lullabies to heavy rock tunes and yet sound so natural. I highly recommend her to anyone.

An amazingly human character paired with an adorable and imaginative character? Yep! Must me Gumi Megpoid. Gumi Megpoid is, by far, my absolute favorite Vocaloid for these reasons. I also like Miku, Gakupo, and Rin and Len, but Gumi takes the cake for me.

Her voice is the most realistic, you all gotte admit that! But just a reminder, this list is for the BEST VOCALOID VOICES, not most realistic, which means that there are other vocaloids that has a robotic but beautiful voices than GUMI, GUMI's voice is so calming, but I don't think her voice is fit to be number 1, I really really like GUMI! But it's nor fair because this list is for the vocaloids with voices that can be robotic, relaxing, cute, creepy. No, I ain't talking about Miku, Miku's voice is fit for cute songs only.

I dislike vocaloid at first but my friend let me hear one of her songs and I really liked it. At first, I thought it was a person singing but she then said that it's a vocaloid. That's when I knew how wonderful GUMI's voice is and also the time I started liking vocaloid.

Gumi has an amazingly realistic voice, and other vocaloids can get oddly squeaky in their songs but Gumi can easily sing any genre at nearly any range. Her voice goes really well with every Vocaloid. Her songs are beautiful. I believe that Gumi Megpoid deserves first place and I'm glad that people didn't vote based on who was the most popular Vocaloid.

Isn't it obvious that Gumi's voice is better when compared to any other vocaloid? Its true that many people judge and start to like a Vocaloid on the basis of their popularity and looks, in which case Gumi has fallen behind, but when it comes to her voice, its undeniably impressing. Her voice ain't too high and neither too low, its just very pleasing and also realistic. Plus, she is the only vocaloid who's English vocals are also impressive (as far as I've heard). Other Vocaloids when singing English vocals just doesn't sound impressive. Her songs like "Nankai Renai", "Coward Montblanc", "Clean Freak", "Green Straight", "And then the girl went mad", "anti- gravities", "World's lifespan and the last day", "Replicant" are some of her suggestible songs which also proves how stable her voice notes are, sounds very real sometimes..

Miku and the others are over-rated. Gumi has one of the best quality voices. I am not saying I don't like miku its just that she has become overused. Gumi's songs are really catchy and written well.

Ok I SWEAR Gumi was just in 1st. Anyways, I think that Gumi's voice fits every song. She can sing anything from silly songs to emotional songs, without sounding misplaced (if you know what I mean). I love many other Vocaloids, but I think Gumi should go back to being on top of the list. GO GUMI~!

I love Gumi. Her vocal range is great and her songs are amazing. I don't get why Miku sings a lot of happy, innocent songs while Gumi sings all the tragic songs. They're great though, very deep and emotional. Gumi doesn't even get enough attention she deserves. She's definitely underrated.

GUMI has a realistic voice. It may not be as high-pitched as Miku's but I love it! (Don't get me wrong I love Miku so badly.) I mean, there are times when she covers a song of another vocaloids and it's just great! I mean, her cover of Miku's Love is War gives the song more emotion. (The dark kind) Her songs by Last Note sound realistic! Her voice may waver but that's what makes her sound human. She can still be understandable in her song I (love) even though her Japanese voicebank was used for that. If you know Cytus then you might know her song Coma which is Filipino and she just rocks in it!

Miku is way overrated, if there was a "Top 10 most overrated Vocaloids", Miku would be at the top. GUMI is popular because she is probably the first vocaloid to actually sound similar to her voice provider, and one of the first Japanese vocals to sound more realistic than others.

She has one of the more realistic sounding voices, although I'll never be sure about her pronunciations, for I don't understand Japanese. It can be either sweet and childlike, or sound mature and more like a woman. Although not my favorite Vocaloid, the most realistic by far.

She has a wonderful voice, that captivates all songs. She can be used for Rap, KPOP, Pop, Soul, and Dubstep. Her voice ranges from Sweet, to Stern, to Adult. With proper tuning, she can sing literally anything.

I may have read a comment about Rin's appearance being praised. But the topic is about the voices of the vocaloids, not the appearance. When you're talking about voices, GUMI's voice is the best there is. It just sounds like a real person singing.

Vocaloid is for synthesized voices, not real voices. And Rin is being praised for her appearance but her voice is good