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1 Still Counting

This is my favorite song of all time and it should be number 1! Volbeat delivers with this song! A Warrior's Call is number 2 to me.

Best song from Volbeat ever

Greatest Volbeat Song ever hands down

Best song by volbeat

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2 A Warrior's Call

Love this song, once I learned what the guy was saying an was actually able to sing along I enjoyed it even more!

Best song I've ever heard I can listen to this song all day and it still wouldn't be a enough!

This song immediately gets me hype. Great workout song, even better song to speed to, which would explain all my speeding tickets.

Love how this gets me pumped for a challenging day. One of the very first songs by volbeat I heard an got hooked on!

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3 Lola Montez

Great song. And very catchy. Can't help singing when it comes on. Should be #1 or at least #2 behind "Still Counting".

Love this Song! This song got me started on my Volbeat journey, and I have found hit after hit that blew my mind. "Cape of Our Hero" rocks too!

Usually when you hear a song play on the radio over and over again, you get tired of the song, and all that made it good is gone. Somehow this doesn't happen with Lola Montez. As almost every reviewer has said is true, is true, it is so catchy.

The best Song of The world

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4 Doc Holliday

One of Volbeat's heaviest - start to finish. Amazing song

Best Volbeat song by a distance. Best metal/rock song of the last 5 years!

This is my favorite Volbeat song. I know all the lyrics start to finish - Ancient Wolf

Made my holiday..

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5 Heaven Nor Hell

Deserves on the list

Because of this song I fell in love with Volbeat.

This song will always have a place in my heart as the first Volbeat song I ever knew. - Ku

Deserves a higher place. A huge reason a lot of people listen to Volbeat.

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6 Sad Man's Tongue

This is their best song by far, it's a great tribute to Johnny Cash :D and an admirable modern spin on a classic.

My fave! Awesome band

If you had to sum up Volbeat in one song it'd be this one. It represents everything this band is about - a fusion of Metal/Hard Rock/Rockabilly/Country.. Great song

Awesome track

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7 The Garden's Tale

Very large Sound, build up nicely and is surely a top 5!

In my opinion their greatest hit ever ;-)

the best

8 Fallen

Fallen is by far their best. I mean, the guitar is good and all, but the lyrics is what gets you. First song I ever heard by them, and I was hooked!

Great song, really shows how much his father meant to him!

Best lyrics at least

Awesome song LOVE IT :D

9 Healing Subconsciously

This is their best song - discussion over!

I agree with the comment below! Full stop!

A classic they should play more live!

This is EPIC

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10 7 Shots

Epic Guitar, Epic Banjo, Epic Vocals, just an Epic song all around, should definitely be higher on the list.

Should be higher on the list first song I heard by them was hooked immediately

One of the best Volbeat songs. Should be much higher on the list

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11 The Hangman's Body Count

This has to be the best song from their new album. Starts off with a western type of sound and then kicks in with that signature Volbeat song - MetalFoREVer1228

Definitely their best song. Erie guitar, driving vocals and drums, great song

Amazzing metal song. this was the first song I heard from them and was wildly impressed. This is a song you must hear if you like Volbeat even remotely.

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12 We

Absolutely love this song

13 A Moment Forever

Favorite by far! Absolutely adore it, great to listen to

14 The Human Instrument
15 Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza

Just awesome, great for everything, and its awesome to amp yourself up before a night out! Should be higher!

Really unique song... Very heavy guitars and drums

Great songs on the list but Pool of booze is my personal favorite.

One of Volbeat's finest! Personally the 'old' tracks are still the best!

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16 Mr. & Mrs. Ness
17 Evelyn

The use of Barney Greenway's vocals, the Chorus, and the drumming made this song stick out to me! Should be higher!

The double bass drum along with the heavy riffing makes this song amazing, like Hella double bass drum

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18 Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

Favorite song by far

This is a Way underrated nummer om this list! Great energy and cool text!

19 Lonesome Rider

I don't understand how this song can be this low on the charts, love this song! Most probably my favorite!

Absolutely love this song, was the song that got me listening to Volbeat. I have no idea how it could be so low

Fantastic - nothing less

My dad sais that it is a singalong

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20 River Queen
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