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61 Dead Weight
62 Claimed
63 Go Getters V 1 Comment
64 Vatos

Action packed all the way through. Even hits some of the softer side of the show.

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65 Wildfire

The one where the group head to CDC to find safety and possibly a cure. - DrRyAn

66 Bloodletting

The one where Shane and Otis go to the high school to get medical supplies for Carl. - DrRyAn

67 Cherokee Rose

To me, 11TH best episode. This one is very calm and slow paced. Usually I don't want episodes to be too slowed paced but this was an exception. The group getting together, Glenn and Maggie's relationship begins, "the store scene" and Lori finding out that she was pregnant. This episode shows a much calmer structure after the blood heart in episode before this.

The one where Lori finds out she's pregnant. - DrRyAn

Such an underrated episode. I kinda like the calm episodes of TWD.

68 Triggerfinger V 1 Comment
69 Infection
70 Still

This is -- hands down -- my favorite episode of the entire series. I realize some people just watch the show for the blood and guts, but the writing in this episode was brilliant and the acting couldn't be more riveting.

An amazing script. A lot of people don't like it but the writing for the second half of season is the best the walking dead has ever had. This episode is amazing - FailedStunt78

I love this episode for what it reveals about both Daryl and Beth. She has become such a strong character and helps Daryl both with his past and I believe his future.

71 When the Dead Come Knocking

When Glenn kills a walker with a chair.

The best besides milton and andrea

72 What Happened and What's Going On

What an unforgettable episode! Very experimental.

This my favorite episode because of the great send off to tyreese (Chad Coleman) and great cameo from David morriesy

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73 Spend
74 The Distance

This is totally one of my favorites. The walker scenes at night were pretty intense, but my favorite moment came at the end. The music and the look on Rick's face when he hears children laughing again is one of my favorite moments from the entire show. - higgsboson2142

One of my favorites. We see Rick totally unwilling to trust while Michonne, the character who has been the most aloof open up and stand up to Rick while showing that there is another voice of leadership in the group

75 Here's Not Here

Such a great and poignant episode. They should've released it right after "JSS" and not after "Thank You". Many viewers wanted to know what happened to Glenn and stormed this fantastic Morgan-episode. AMC didn't choose wise here.

Best episode so far... Moving, deep... Simply perfect

Best episode. The music and the atmosphere is so unique.

Lennie James is a brilliant actor, really is the best episode, it broke away from the chaos that the first 3 episodes brought into the season!

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76 Try

That Nine Inch Nails song was awesome.

77 Start to Finish
78 Sick
79 Arrow on the Doorpost
80 Inmates
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