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41 Dreamin'

Always puts me in a care-free mood, one of the best songs off the red album!

42 Cleopatra

Sounds like a country song!

43 Smile

Short but sweet. Definitely one of their top songs.

44 Haunt You Every Day

One of my favorite song. So underrated

45 Heart Songs

Nice song with relaxing rhythm. Quite catchy too after listening for a while.

Awesome song couldn't stop listening it

Def should be above surf wax American

Why the hell is this so low!?!?!

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46 I Don't Want to Let You Go
47 L.A. Girlz
48 Burndt Jamb

Just one of the best! Really nice guitar track and melody

This defeinitely needs more attention. So underrated.

49 Eulogy for a Rock Band
50 Put Me Back Together

Better than you'd think for a rating so low.

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51 Don't Let Go
52 We are All on Drugs

Definitely a weezer classic. Not one of their most well known but one their best for sure. I would Highly recommend this song!

This top 15 worthy how is it number 60 what are you thinking

Top 20 please. It's not about drugs... It's a metaphor


53 Ruling Me

Sorry about that, the lyrics got messed up somehow...

So fascinating, I'm anticipating
The touch that may never come

In the rain, in the sun
Everybody needs someone
They can dream of all night long
All the pain and the ways
That you're driving me insane
It's no mystery
Why you're ruling me

I found this song on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and downloaded it instantly! Great song (not the best on the soundtrack though, Edge Of The Earth by 30 Seconds To Mars is, easily).

This is the best song of weezer.. Why it is not on top threes.. M shocked... It's the best rock song I have ever heard with some great drumm patterns

Definitely an underrated Weezer song!

54 Take Control
55 I'm Your Daddy

Very underrated. Should be AT LEAST in the top ten here. Vote this song!

56 Go Away
57 Long Time Sunshine V 1 Comment
58 Jamie V 1 Comment
59 Simple Pages
60 Susanne

I've been a Weezer fan for a long time and I know every single one of their songs back-to-front - and this is still my favourite Weezer song of all time.

The archetypical Weezer-song. If you wanna show some one with one song who weezer are, just pick this one!

One of the best and certainly most underrated songs, so many have never heard this song.

Favourite non-album Weezer track and the first of their tracks I heard, on Mallrats the movie.

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